I Think We're OK
There are a lot of good shows on TV. I take the time to watch House because Hugh Laurie gives an inspired performance of House.
In one episode he can make you laugh, he can make you cry, he can make you want to pull his hair out or soco him and he can make you want to hug him and tell him it is going to be ok.
We get all that in one episode. Whether you watch "Broken" and see him struggle with drug addiction or his fear of relationships. In "Help Me" we watch him get stripped down emotionally por Cuddyalize he was losing the woman he wanted. then came the confession about his leg. In the final scene he was literally on the floor and if anybody watching was right there on the floor with him. we were holding our breath and hoping he wouldn't take the vicodin.
Whether you watch him try to establish relationships in "Choices" with his team and try to learn a completely different manner of behavior or coming to terms with how much it was hurting him to think he might be losing Cuddy for good in "Baggage". He has delivered some great performances this past year. In 5 to 9 with only a smirk/smile he told you everything he felt about Cuddy.
The entire ano watching him struggle with relationships, addictions, pain and his medical cases and to bring it to a culmination in the finale that had you had on the edge of your seat. Watching him portray all the pain that he felt of losing a patient and opening his soul up to her to save her.
He has made it look easy, when in fact, it is a lot of work, not to mention he delivers his lines fluently while mastering our accent. Not bad.
He seems to be a very humble man, realizing what great writers and cast that he works with.
He deserves the emmy and the cast deserve some supporting role emmys also. Great job.
Thanks for listening.
House That Hugh Laurie Built