casais de televisão My choices {the televisão challenge} / You agree most with?

Pick one:
current favorito ship: Dan & Blair
very first ship: Pacey & Joey
pairing that needs to happen now: Stefan & Katherine
paring with the most chemistry: Logan & Veronica
paring with the least chaemistry: Stefan & Elena
best kiss: Freddie & Effy lake kiss
most heartbreaking scene:Peter & Olivia {she's taken everything}
pairing with the most baggage: Ryan & Marissa
most believable relationship: Marshall & Lily
best wedding: Chuck & Sarah
absolute worst pairing: Sawyer & Kate
never thought would work but did: Barney & Robin
cutest pairing: Charlie & Claire
rooted for them since the beginning: Jack & Kate
can't stand the sexual tension: Zoe & Wade
pairing I amor the most people hate: Rory & Logan
pairing I hate that most people love: Liam & Annie
pairing that was adorable but couldn't work out: Peyton & Jake
pairing I hated and ended up loving: Tony & Michelle
pairing I loved and ended up hating: Chuck & Blair
pairing I will never understand: Spencer & Toby
best proposal: Jack & Kate
why aren't they married?: Michael & Nikita
favorito pairing forever and ever: Chuck & Sarah
 lostseason posted over a year ago
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