casais de televisão my choices for the televisão Challenge on a pick; which do you agree with most? (Priscilita22 idea)

Pick one:
Pairing with the most chemistry: Veronica and Logan
Most heartbreaking scene: Stefan and Elena 2x06 "It has to be !"
Pairing that needs to happen: Nathan and Audrey
Best kiss: Nathan and Haley's first kiss
Most Believable Relationship: Cate and Baze
Why aren't these two married: Luke and Lorelai
Pairing I rooted for since the beginning: Abby and Jimmy
amor triângulo that worked out badly: Brooke/Lucas/Peyton
Very first ship: Dan and Serena
Pairing with the least chemistry: Dan and Vanessa
Pairing with the most baggage: Chuck and Blair
Best married couple: Sun and Jin
Absolute worst pairing: Chuck and Jenny
Pairing I amor that most people hate: Bill and Sookie
Pairing I hate that most people love: Mark and Lexie
Pairing that was adorable but couldn't work out: tolet, tolet, violet and Cooper
Ship with the best proposal: Monica and Chandler
favorito pairing forever and ever: Lucas and Peyton
Newest pairing I love: Nikita and Michael
Best wedding: Alex and Izzie
Pairing I didn't think would work but did: Spencer and Toby
Cutest pairing: Charlie and Claire
Can't-stand-the-sexual-tension pairing: Steve and Danno
amor triângulo that worked out great: Ross/Rachel/Joey
Pairing I will never understand: Puck and Rachel
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