casais de televisão EW Sexiest couple on network TV|| Your Vote Goes To?

Pick one:
Meredith and Derek, Grey's Anatomy
Elaine and Puddy, Seinfeld
Ned and Maude, The Simpsons
Veronica and Logan, Veronica Mars
Lily and Rick, Once and Again
Laura and Rob, The Dick furgão, furgão, van Dyke Show
Clark and Lois, smallville - as aventuras do superboy - as aventuras do superboy
Grace and Michael, L.A. Law
Dylan and Kelly, Beverly Hills, 90210
Jeannie and Major Anthony, I Dream of Jeannie
Valene and Gary, Knots Landing
Sun and Jin, lost
Wilhelmina and Connor, Ugly Betty
Stefan and Elena, The Vampire Diaries
Doug and Carol, E.R.
Bo and Hope, Days of Our Lives
Lyla and Tim, Friday Night Lights
Sydney and Vaughn, Alias
Diane and Bobby, NYPD Blue
Amanda and Jake, Melrose Place
Chuck and Blair, Gossip Girl
Father Ralph and Meggie, The Thorn Birds
Dave and Maddie, Moonlighting
Buffy and Angel, Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Zoe and Wash, Firefly
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