casais de televisão [Round 1] My favorito tv couples . Pick your LEAST favorito

Pick one:
Lucas and Peyton
Jack and Kate
Finn and Rachel
Auggie and Annie
Dan and Serena
Dean and Jo
Stefan and Elena
Mike and Susan
Cooper and tolet, tolet, violet
Dan and Marti
Sid and Cassie
Bill and Sookie
Mick and Beth
Logan and Veronica
Ryan and Marissa
Dean and Rory
Cate and Baze
Abby and Jimmy
Wren and Spencer
Nathan and Audrey
Brooke and Julian
Sun and Jin
Rachel and Jesse
Jai and Annie
Derek and Meredith
Chuck and Blair
Lynette and Tom
Sam and Addison
Jal and Chris
Eric and Sookie
Seth and Summer
Jess and Rory
Lux and Jones
Cal and Chloe
Karen and Keith
Sawyer and Juliet
Mark and Callie
Sam and Sookie
Logan and Rory
Bug and Lux
Nathan and Haley
Owen and Cristina
Clay and Quinn
Alex and Izzie
Quinn and Puck
Luke and Lorelai
Will and Emma
Eric and Lux
Annie and Liam
Liam and Naomi
Ivy and Dixon
Adrianna and Navid
Amber and Steve
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