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Pick one:
couple: Lucas and Peyton
first kiss: Bree and Karl 5x24
I amor you: Pete and tolet, tolet, violet 2x22
Proposal: Lucas and Peyton 6x01
Wedding: Seth and Summer 4x16
Hug: charlotte and Cooper 2x12
Make-up: Lucas and Peyton 6x01
sex scene: Jake and Peyton 2x14
kiss: Dan and Serena 1x10
speech: Pete and tolet, tolet, violet 2x22 "I should have fought for you"
break up: Cooper and charlotte 3x11
triangle: Vanessa/Nate/Jenny
Dance: Pacey and Andie 2x06
one night stand: Chuck and Vanessa 2x20
good bye: Jake and Peyton 3x21
au couple: Brooke and Jake
death: Bree and Karl 6x10 [Karl dies in the plane crash]
real life couple: Ed and Jessica
 alessandra_28 posted over a year ago
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