casais de televisão what is your favorito TV couple?

Pick one:
Jack & Kate
Damon & Elena
Chuck & Sarah
Brooke & Julian
Lucas & Peyton
Alex & Izzie
Luke & Lorelai
Mulder & Scully
Added by cicino1
Nathan and Haley ♥
Added by ns_23
Tony and Ziva
Added by Lie_to_Me_123
House and Cuddy
Added by huddyislove
Blair and Chuck
Added by Stephxcullen
Buffy and Spike
Added by spikes_girl
Pacey and Joey
Added by londonlover14
booth e bones
Added by Klema
Chandler & Monica
Added by mondler
Brooke & Lucas
Added by NoYes
Freddie and Effy
Added by Mena09
Rory & Jess
Added by nevermind606
Duncan & Veronica
Added by brittlegirl94
Buffy & angel
Added by jemgrl323
Logan & Veronica
Added by sk91
Sawyer and Kate
Added by bright_angel
Finn & Rachel
Added by carly-hope
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 bibi88 posted over a year ago
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