casais de televisão favorito first kiss?(plz add & comment)

Pick one:
naley (oth)
b & b (bones)
jess & rory (gg)
amor (vm)
michael & maria (roswell)
chuck & bair (gg)
clois (smallville)
jate (lost)
Added by kristine95
Ross and Rachel
Added by hhw
Chandler & Monica
Added by mondler
Added by LogansGal
Mulder & Scully {The X-Files}
Added by cicino1
Buffy & angel (BtVS)
Added by jemgrl323
Brooke & Lucas
Sawyer & Kate
Added by gracery
Archer & T'Pol
Added by makintosh
Freddie & Effy (Skins)
Added by MariLena16
Toby & Happy (Scorpion)
Added by tonyziva1234
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 clois222222 posted over a year ago
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