casais de televisão Favorito Kiss Out Of My Current 30 Favorito Kisses Overall?

Pick one:
1. DuVe; "Your boyfriend's here!"
2. DuVe; No Regret's
3. DuVe; "You are so cool"
4. DuVe; The Goodbye "Always Have, Always Will"
5. Darena; No Words Needed
6. Darena; First kiss
7. Darena; "We are at school!"
8. Darena; "Chuck I had no idea you felt that way about me!"
9. Darena; The Morning After
10. Chair; "Can you say it twice?"
11. Chair; "You were.. amazing out there"
12. Chair; "On me you'd be so much more"
13. Chair; "I really am sorry"
14. Rainn; "You can kiss me if you want to" "I want to"
15. Rainn; Bowling kiss
16. Pizonica; "Just Friends"
17. Pizonica; "You sure about that?"
18. Nair; Snow kiss
19. Nair; Pool kiss
20. Serenate; "You totally can"
21. Serenate; In The Closet
22, Serenate; Meeting Up
23. Logonica; Hot & Heavy
24. Logonica; "I wuv you beary much"
25. Fuinn; "Think of the mail!"
26. Nick/Lindsay; First kiss
27. Wilma; THE kiss
28. Nenny; The Killer kiss
29. Chanessa; Getting Back at Nair
30. Chanessa; The Morning After
 brittlegirl94 posted over a year ago
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