casais de televisão Most heartbreaking out of my topo, início ten heartbreaking moments?

Pick one:
Spike & Buffy ~ "I amor you" "No you don't but thanks for saying it"
Xander & Anya ~ left at the altar
Willow & Oz ~ "I'll always be waiting for you"
Seth & Summer ~ "I don't amor you anymore"
angel & Cordelia ~ "We take what we get champ..."
Wesley & fred figglehorn figglehorn ~ "Why can't I stay?"
Wesley & Fred/Illyria ~ "Would you like me to lie to you now?"
The Doctor & Rose ~ goodbye at badwolf baía
Finn & Quinn ~ Finn finds out
Lily & Marshall ~ "We can't get back together" (couldn't find picture)
 AnaHallam posted over a year ago
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