casais de televisão Out of my current "couple songs" {songs i think are perfect for a certain couple} which do you think is MOST FITTING?

Pick one:
Casey/Cappie // "Apologies" {Grace Potter & The Nocturnals}
Jake/Peyton // "Sex on fire" {Kings of Leon}
Sawyer/Kate // "Sex on fire" {Kings of Leon}
Brooke/Lucas // "Battlefield" {Jordin Sparks}
Brooke/Lucas // "Knock you down" {Keri Hilson}
Brooke/Lucas // "Goodbye" {Kristinia DeBarge}
Tony/Kate // "Never say Never" {The Fray}
Logan/Veronica // "Sway" {The Perishers}
Sawyer/Kate // "You found me" {The Fray}
Lucas/Peyton // "Alright" {Darius Rucker}
 xoheartinohioxo posted over a year ago
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