casais de televisão Favorito Out Of My Underrated/Random/No One Really Cares Couples? Lmao ;) ♥

Pick one:
Chris and Peyton [One árvore Hill]
Jack and Sam [One árvore Hill]
Danessa [Gossip Girl]
Rex and Bree [Desperate Housewives]
Thomas and Emily [Skins]
Cook and Naomi [Skins]
Victory and Joe [Lipstick Jungle]
Samantha and Todd [Samantha Who?]
Seth and Andria [Samantha Who?]
TJ and Spinelli [Recess]
Will and Vince [Will and Grace]
Grace and Leo [Will and Grace]
Karen and Rosario [Will and Grace]
Jerry and Elaine [Seinfeld]
George and Susan [Seinfeld]
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