casais de televisão Best if-they-were-married name? (Please don't add anyone who's already married lmao..)♥

Pick one:
Blair baixo [Chuck Bass/Gossip Girl]
Brooke Scott [Lucas Scott/One árvore Hill]
Betty Meade! [Daniel Meade/Ugly Betty]
Serena Archibald [Nate Archibald/Gossip Girl]
Elizabeth/Effy McLair [Freddie McLair/Skins]
Peyton Jagielski [Jake Jagielski/One árvore Hill]
Brooke Baker [Julian Baker/One árvore Hill]
Lisa House [Gregory House/House MD]
Rory Mariano (Jess Mariano/Gilmore Girls)
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Izzie Karev [Alex Karev/Grey's Anatomy]
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Kelly Winchest- er(Dean Winchester/ Supernatural)
Kelly Winchester(Dean Winchester/Supernatural)
Vanessa Archibald (Nate Archibald/Gossip Girl)
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Calleigh Delko (Eric Delko/CSI.Miami)
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Marissa Attwood (Ryan Attwood/The O.C) (even tho shes dead)
Anya Harris (Xander Harris/BtVS)
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Olivia Bishop [Peter Bishop/Fringe]
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