casais de televisão Out of my favorito Couple vids, which is your favorite? {Links in comment}

Pick one:
Chuck/Blair - Come on get higher
Jeyton - Pictures of You
Blair and Chuck- Good Girls Go Bad
Brooke and Lucas - All In My Head
Clark&Lois | Far away
i shall believe (brooke;lucas)
Multi-Ship - anjos On the Moon
Chuck/Blair ; Never say Never
Chloe & Clark - Gravity
Nate & Serena- Never Say Never
Blair/Nate - Head Over Feet
Alex/Izzie - Tears of an angel (season finale 5x23/5x24)
Sawyer & Kate |Never Say Never|
Veronica/Logan - In amor with a Girl
My Life Would Suck Without You (Logan/Veroncia)
Pacey/Joey: What About Now
FNL Couples: Crawl
Check yes juliet (Chloe/Clark)
Tim/Lyla: Sway
Brucas/Naley/Jeyton: I Run To You
Brooke/Lucas: She Has No Time
Veronica and Logan (Our story is epic. YOU AND ME)
Chloe/Clark/Davis/Jimmy: Mr. Brightside
Brucas/Chair: Save You
Sawyer & Kate - hot n cold
patim, patim, skate Thinking of You
Sawyer and Kate - You found me
Nate/Serena - With Or Without You
Multi-Fandom Couples - oi Stephen
Just a Dream: Lucas/Peyton
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