casais de televisão My favorito couples countdown: vote for your LEAST favorito [ROUND 09]

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alex/izzie [grey's anatomy]
lavon/annabeth [hart of dixie]
jake/peyton [one árvore hill]
piper/leo [charmed]
emily/aiden [revenge]
zoe/wade [hart of dixie]
castle/beckett [castle]
lindsay/halstead [chicago pd]
hanna/caleb [pretty little liars]
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 silvia_mckenzie posted over a year ago
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[10] Greer/Leith [Reign]
[11] Daniel/Emily [Revenge]
[12] George/Lemon [Hart Of Dixie]
[13] Brooke/Lucas [One Tree Hill]
[14] Dan/Blair [Gossip Girl]
[15] Ryan/Summer [The OC]
[16] Dean/Haley [Supernatural/One Tree Hill]
[17] Mary/Francis [Reign]
posted over a year ago.
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