casais de televisão {Round Twenty Four} My topo, início 30 favourite couples countdown // pick your 'least' favourite

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39 fans picked:
Oz and Willow
Damon and Elena
Pacey and Joey
Jim and Pam
Stefan and Katherine
Seth and Summer
monica e chandler
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 smckinlay2 posted over a year ago
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1. Brooke and Lucas // One Tree Hill
2. Dan and Blair // Gossip Girl
3. Serena and Nate // Gossip Girl
4. Phoebe and Cole // Charmed
5. Ryan and Marissa // The OC
6. Kris and Junior // Wildfire
7. Alex and Izzie // Grey's Anatomy
8. Emma and Ethan // The Lying Game
9. Mark and Lexie // Grey's Anatomy
10. Rory and Jess // Gilmore Girls
11. Barney and Robin // How I Met Your Mother
12. JD and Elliot // Scrubs
13. April and Jackson // Grey's Anatomy
14. Buffy and Angel // Buffy the Vampire Slayer
15. Bonnie and Jeremy // The Vampire Diaries
16. Ross and Rachel // Friends
17. Jackson and Lydia // Teen Wolf
18. Matty and Jenna // Awkward
19. Freddie and Effy // Skins
20. Clark and Lois // Smallville
21. Leonard and Penny // The Big Bang Theory
22. Emily and Daniel // Revenge
23. Piper and Leo // Charmed
posted over a year ago.
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breakingdexter picked Jim and Pam:
Oz and Willow are the only ok couple left.
posted over a year ago.
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babe1492 picked Damon and Elena:
gahhh, leave already -_-
posted over a year ago.
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Nicolas97 picked Damon and Elena:
^ you know they are gonna win right? don't be disappointed!
ANYWAY, PEOPLE ARE FUCKING CRAZY! PIPER/LEO OUT? Now the only couple I like from these is my otp. <3
posted over a year ago.
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MariLena16 picked Oz and Willow:
Damon and Elena is the best eitherway.....
posted over a year ago.
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XNaley_JamesX picked Damon and Elena:
I've seriously been voting for them for 24 rounds! And I think I'll have to do 5 more. :s
posted over a year ago.
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