casais de televisão T.V Couples Survey . (:

babe1492 posted on Mar 05, 2011 at 01:48PM
1) Who is your OTP?
2) What is your ONE most memorable moment with your OTP?
3) What is your favourite line/quote from your OTP?
4) Pick a song that you think best suits your OTP?
5) What are your top 10 couples on T.V ever?
6) What TV show do you think has the best couples on it over all?
7) Who would be your ultimate couple from a tv crossover?
8) What couple do you feel never got a chance to show fans they can be amazing?
9) What do you feel about the following couples using only one word?
*Peyton & Lucas (OTH)?
*Chuck & Blair (GG)?
*Damon & Elena (TVD)?
*Seth & Summer (THE O.C)?
*Chandler & Monica (FRIENDS)?
*Kate & Jack (LOST)?
*Nathan & Haley (OTH)?
*Jess & Rory (GILMORE GIRLS)?
10) What couple had the best first kiss in your opinion?
11) What couple had the best "I love you" scene in your opinion?
12) Who is your favourite older mother&father couple?
13) What couple do you believe gets way too much attention that you think is unnecessary?
14) What couple do you think was a huge mistake for the writers to go there?
15) Think of a couple you hate, now be nice and give us one good thing about them;;
16) What is the couple you think EVERYONE knows about just by hearing about them?
17) Best love triangle & pick a side?
18) Your OTP; Who admitted their feelings first?

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