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swimchick posted on Jan 12, 2010 at 11:06PM
It just occurred to me that some of the tv couples out there that we love (and even the ones we hate) have some similar first initials, aka Jim/Pam, Joey/Pacey. I'm hoping we can find some trends and see which is the most common trend of initials. I'll keep a running score of the initials right here. I'm just so curious! So please contribute new couples and their initials, including completely new trends. Add any couple you like, seriously! If you find two with the same, that'd be even better!

JP 4 BD 1
ML 4 PS 2
LB 1 HV 1
LL 2 VV 1
RJ 1 DS 1
HC 2 SN 1
SS 2 NJ 1
RT 2 NV 1
DV 3 DK 1
LV 1 DD 1
CB 4 DC 2
KS 2 JE 1
JS 3 BK 1
DJ 3 DT 1
RR 1 PA 2
CC 2 TC 1
PR 1 JC 1
LP 2 JH 1
TW 2 CE 1
EW 1 PD 1
TM 1 PE 1
BJ 1 PM 1
MD 2 TJ 2
BA 1 DO 1
PC 1 TL 1
ID 1 MJ 1
QP 1 ET 1
CS 3 TT 1
SB 2
XC 1
IA 1
BB 1
FR 1
JR 1
JA 1
PO 1
CG 1
ER 1
TK 1
TF 1
WC 1
MN 1
HA 1
AD 1
NP 1
OC 1
AT 1
CA 2
MC 3
ED 1
SE 4
TJ 1
LR 1
DR 2
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over a year ago swimchick said…
So as it's my idea and my little experiment, I'll just add some couples to get things moving!

-Jim/Pam and Joey/Pacey
-House/Cuddy (Using their first names just wouldn't be right)
-Seth/Summer and Shannon/Sayid
-Rory/Tristan and Robin/Ted
-Duncan/Veronica and Dan/Vanessa
over a year ago spikes_girl said…
Castle/Beckett to CB :)
And Jake/Peyton to JP.

-Jake/Peyton, Jim/Pam and Joey/Pacey
-House/Cuddy (Using their first names just wouldn't be right)
-Seth/Summer and Shannon/Sayid
-Rory/Tristan and Robin/Ted
-Duncan/Veronica and Dan/Vanessa
-Chuck/Blair and Castle/Beckett
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over a year ago swimchick said…
[I just wanted to specify that this started out as my pondering this same trend among real people I know, and I thought it would be an interesting thing to discover. A sort of social experiment: What names/initials go well together? Kind of like how people follow astrology signs trends in couples. So this is why I'm asking people to contribute!]

While I'm at it:
-Kate/Sawyer and Kirsten/Sandy
-Lucas/Lindsay for the LL
-Jackson/Sookie and Juliet/Sawyer
-Charlie/Claire and Chase/Cameron
-Liz/Max for the ML
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over a year ago LoveLiesAndLust said…
Can I add initials?
HC - House/Cameron, House/Cuddy
over a year ago LoveLiesAndLust said…
OH! And Dean/Jo to DJ. :')
over a year ago swimchick said…
You can add initials! Everyone can add any couple they want! I want it to be a massive list :D
over a year ago swimchick said…
-Burke/Christina and Chase/Brooke for the CB
-Lorelai/Max for the ML
-Ryan/Teresa for the RT
-Dawson/Jen for the DJ
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over a year ago swimchick said…
x-missmckena-x my good pal Kate from the Glee page and others sent me a long list to add. I took the liberty of deleting the repeats.

Buffy and Angel
Phoebe and Cole
Izzie and Denny
Quinn and Puck
Chuck and Sarah
Spike and Buffy
Xander and Cordy
Alex and Izzie
Booth and Bones
David and Maddie for the MD
Finn and Rachel
over a year ago housefrk said…

Tried to get all the repeats out. These are all the really popular ones and/or ones I ship that I could think of
over a year ago Annaoth said…
Barney and Robin
Derek and Addison
Nathan and Peyton
Artie and Tina
Peyton and Julian
Ted and Robin
Christina and Owen
Mark and Lexie
Callie and Arizona
Monica and Chandler

If there are any repeats, feel free to delete them ;)
over a year ago gracery said…
-Damon & Elena
-Stefan & Elena, Sookie & Eric, Sean & Emma and Sean & Ellie
-Matt & Caroline and Manny & Craig for the MC
-Sookie & Bill for the SB
-Tommy & Jude
-Logan & Rory
-Dean & Rory
-Brenda & Dylan
-Penny & Sheldon and Paige & Spinner
-Leonard & Penny for the LP
-Holly & Vince
-Vic & Val
-Dan & Serena
-Serena & Nate
-Nate & Jenny
-Nate & Vanessa
-Serena & Carter and Steve & Clare for the CS
-Dylan & Kelly
-Donna & David
-Donna & Ray
-David & Val for the DV
-David & Clare and Damon & Caroline
-JD & Elliot
-Brandon & Kelly
-Dylan & Toni
-Pacey & Audrey and Pacey & Andie
-Turk & Carla
-Jen & CJ
-Jen & Henry
-Craig & Ashley for the CA
-Craig & Ellie
-Peter & Darcy
-Peter & Emma
-Paige & Matt
-JT & Liberty and Jason & Lyla
-Dan & Olivia
-Tim & Lyla
-Matt & Julie
-Eric & Tami
-Tim & Tyra

Phew! Haha I just kept coming up with more and more! And I'll probably think of some more later ;D
over a year ago OCFan123 said…
-Ryan/Taylor, Ryan/Theresa, Robin/Ted, and Rory/Tristian