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I thought since I did a list for 'My topo, início 10 favorito couples', that'd I would do one for my least favorito or non-favorites. Now if you like some of these couples that's fine, it's my opinion, and I just don't care for these couples at all for many different reasons. And there will be no pictures cause why would I want to have pictures of couples I practically despise on my laptop? So, here we go.

1. Stiles/Lydia from Teen Wolf

I have never been a fã of this couple. My opinion if Allison hadn't set them up for the school dance, Lydia wouldn't have known he even existed. I found her to be very ignorant, stuck up, controling and abrasive. I didn't care for Lydia Martin and I still kind of don't. I would have been happy if they had just stayed friends. And maybe him with Derek. I amor Sterek, that is the only couple besides Thiam that I really like from TW. Or better yet, just leave Stiles single. Seriously, why did he have to so desperately have to lose his virginity and be in a relationship? I can't watch the last 2 seasons becuase of Stydia. Stydia ruined Teen lobo for me. And I'll never forgive Jeff Davis for that. And for also Tyler Hoechlin leaving, I was sad when he did.

2. Aria/Ezra from Pretty Little Liars

I think I mostly hated them together because she was the student and he was the teacher. He took advantage of a 16 ano old girl, he knew better but didn't care. And he knew of the consequences. People seem to not realize how wrong their relationship really was. It wasn't the age difference, it was the fact that he was her teacher and she was his student then they kept it away from everyone especially Aria's parents. I know, Byron dated a student as well, she obviously had some mental health issues since she tried to kill Aria and her friends in the 3rd season. Sure Byron and Meredith's relationship was wrong and he knew better and also considering he was also married. Anyways, I just never cared for Ezria, not really. I also really hated the hype that came with that relationship, every girl just adored them together and I couldn't see why and I don't want to. I much prefer Haleb or Spoby.

3. Blair/Chuck from Gossip Girl

Do I even need to state why I thought this relationship was awful? Sure, I liked it at the beginning even though Chuck was Nate's best friend and slept with his girlfriend. If it had been me I wouldn't have accept Chuck's apology. He was a terrible friend. He was also a rapist and a womanizer. He was not good for Blair. I mean come on. He tried to rape Dan's 14 ano old sister, he tried to rape Serena, he wouldn't get off of her until she pushed him. He slept around with numerous women. He cheated on Blair. Their relationship was very disfunctional. And I can see as a married couple, she would be very unhappy. He was going to turn out to be just like his father. Anyways, I just thought they were terrible together.

4. Caroline/Klause from The Vampire Diaries

I don't get everyone's amor for this couple. They are a terrible couple. I mean come on, Klause realized that they were meant for each other cause he couldn't mind control her like he could with everyone else? what a lame story line, then the fact that he killed people that she knew and loved. He killed her best friend's aunt, he killed many of her class mates, he did everything he could to get her away from Tyler, which I prefer more. He bought her amor with jewllery, ball gowns, etc. He was not good for her at all. She did better with Stefan.

5. Barney/Robin from How I met your Mother

So not a fã of them as a couple. Between Barney and Robin, I liked Barney more. I liked him better as a womanizer than someone who settled down. I didn't care for Robin as I found her to be a stuck up bitch. Though Barney would have been a better friend if he talked to Ted who was in amor with Robin, about his feelings for her instead of choosing the girl over his bff. I hated season 9 especially cause it concentrated on them getting married and of course the Mother. So, I really just didn't care for them together. Besides Robin was a HYPOCRITE. She spacifically told Ted that she DID NOT want to get married. She didn't want to settle down, yet she lied to him and did so with Barney. It just made me so mad.

6. Lex/Lana from Smallville

I was never a fã of them as a couple. I found it to be weird and uncomfortable. I have the dvds so when their scenes together would appear in season 5 and 6, I would skim past it. I despised them as a couple. I don't get the hype with it. Lex turned out to be a bad guy, of course we knew this would happen because he is Clark's nemesis, but he treated Lana pretty horribly. He made her believe she was pregnant, he was abusive towards her, he did try to kill her when Zod took over his body in the S 6 Premiere. He got jealous when she would be near with Clark. Then look at Season 8. He took controlling and jealousy to a whole new level with threatening to destroy a building full of people with a bomb that was made from Kryptonite. He did not want those two to be happy together. It was either him or Lana leave the town.

7. Emily/Paige from Pretty Little Liars

Another PLL couple I don't care for. I hated them as a couple since the beginning. I can't stand Paige. She is whiny, controlling, insecure, manipulative. I just couldn't stand them together. I guess Paige trying to drown Emily is okay to everyone as well? They were truly an awful couple. I have like a huge list of why I think Emily/Alison were the better couple over Emily/Paige. Besides I can't stand to either look at or hear Lindsay Shaw who plays Paige. I cringe whenever I see her face.

8. Ross/Rachel from Friends

Yep, they made it to the list. I hated them together with a firey passion. And it's mostly on Ross' head. He was a terrible, terrible boyfriend, he was the usual controlling, insecure, manipulative. He had a way of making Rachel feel bad when it wasn't even her fault. He was super jealous when she would meet up or work with Mark. It was pathetic. Then he wanted to be apart of her career. Her career had nothing to do with him just as his had nothing to do with her. He didn't care that she was in fashion, he just didn't want her near Mark. Again Ross was not a good boyfriend. No wonder Carol cheated on him with a woman. Harsh, I know. But I can see why.

8. Damon/Elena from The Vampire Diaries

I was a Stelena fã first and probably always will be. I prefered Elena with Stefan more. I get it Damon is the bad boy that every girl wants to be with and every parent detests. I just found this whole amor triângulo to be annoying and didn't get the point. Like it's a show about vampiros and other sobrenatural characters not a amor triangle. Damon, in my opinion was just all wrong for her. I mean he was obsessed and stalked Katherine, than he did with Elena because she looked exactly the same as Katherine. We find out that he treated Katherine horribly. He treated Elena horribly too. He killed her brother when she told him that they would never be together in season 2, he tried multiple times to break Elena and Stefan up. He fed off of one of her best friends and tried to kill her other best friend. He was not a good guy.

9. Dean/Lisa from Supernatural

I could not stand Lisa. She was, well, controlling and a snob. She was all wrong for Dean. Sam dies and Dean ends up giving up hunting for Lisa and her son. I just didn't think they have good chemistry.

10. Spencer/Wren from Pretty Little Liars

Another PLL pair. So, I never liked them together. You can't even call them a couple though as they never dated. They just hooked up. I knew this relationship was doomed from the start and how could it not be? Wren was engaged to Spencer's sister yet Wren made out with Spencer. And how could Spencer even be so stupid and cruel as to let it happen or anything happen between them? They weren't good together. Besides he was in his late 20s, it was wrong on so many levels. I hated Wren, I could care less that he was British, it gave him no excuse to be a sleazebag. Then Melissa takes him back, which made no sense. He cheated on her. If you think about it, Wren wasn't a good guy.

11. McGee/Dalilah from NCIS

I never liked them together. I always thought that McGee could do batter. I just found Dalilah to not be a good girlfriend, she was pushy, controlling, she pushed her way into his job and his life and he had no choice. I also hate how Ellie Bishop is so obsessed with her and defends her when Dalilah has never said a word to her. I really can't stand her.

12. Buffy/Riley from Buffy the Vampire Slayer

I really hated them together. Out of all the guys Buffy was with, he was the worst. He was really insecure. It just annoyed me how he'd get jealous with every guy that Buffy talked to especially Angel. He was so annoying and I really couldn't stand his Southern accent. I am not saying I can't stand the Southern accent as I am subscribed to quite a few people on YouTube who have Southern accents. I think it's just Marc Blucas. I really didn't like him. The show could have been just as good without him in it.

13. Kelso/Jackie from That 70's show

They were so bad together. I liked the characters just not together. Jackie was controlling, mean and manipulative. Kelso was a womanizer like most of the men on this list, he was an idiot. They were so bad for each other. Jackie was mean to him, where as Kelso would cheat on her then said in Season 4 that he did because she was mean to him and made him feel bad about himself. She was so much better off with Hyde, made me mad when they didn't get back together. Stupid writers.

14. Willow/Kennedy from Buffy the vampire slayer

I hated them together as much as I hated Buffy and Riley together. I also didn't like Kennedy at all. The show would have been just as fine without her. So do I really need to say why I didn't like her?

15. Baxter/Candace from Mom

Mom is new to me. I just started watching it this summer and I amor it. Baxter is such a funny and nice guy. He had been married to the main character, Christy, who was also the mother of his son. I get it, Candace helped him get on his feet and out of living in his van. But I just found her to be controlling, mean, spoiled, arrogant, selfish, goody to shoes, etc. The list could go on. I think what really bothers me is how she is trying to replace Christy, take over being a mother to Christy and Baxter's son, Roscoe.

I think that's it. Again if you don't agree with me, that's fine, it's just my opinion and I'm aloud to have it.
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