Why I dislike Leyton
The Leyton fãs keep saying brucas fãs only dislike Leyton, because we are upset that Leyton ended up together and not Brucas.
Ok, I admit it I am upset about it and it made me dislike Leyton a little bit more, but there are so many reason, I will give you a few:

-First of all Peyton kissed Lucas thrice, and every time Lucas current girlfriend broke up with Lucas or at least they argued a lot. If she hadn´t done it, maybe he would still be with Brooke (or Lindsey.)
-Then Lucas first proposal, she said someday, but in the end of the third season she proposed to Jake. Every single time they broke up and realized that they weren´t meant to be. The writers invented some stupid reasons, why they acted like that. I mean Lucas and Peyton are True amor always, right?
- I really hate Leyton, because they took some Famous brucas things and gave them to Leyton (Lucas is on the damn door under Peyton now, Peyton is the one, Lucas wanted standing seguinte to him when all his dreams came true, the river court, some Leyton fãs even consider For blue skies or Boston as Leyton songs.)
-I also dislike Leyton, because they let everyone forget brucas did even exist...
- And I just don´t get Leyton. I mean okay in season 1 Lucas had a crush on Peyton, in season 2/3 he loved Brooke mais than anything else ( I am the guy for you, I do know one and she sit in that apartment, The difference is I amor you, You are the biggest part in my world, I amor you Brooke I don´t know how else to say it…)In season 4, when Brooke broke up with him…because of Peyton, suddenly it was l Peyton again, it was always you…in season 5 he had this amazing friendship with Brooke, I really thought they would get back together, but the writers only tricked me, but he loved Lindsey, god he said I do, but then Lindsey left him…because of Peyton and suddenly in season 6 it is again: Peyton, the girl he always wanted…Sure…

I kinda liked Leyton in first episodes, but then brucas happened and since episode 8, brucas is my OTP.
But I think, I would be much mais tolerate towards Leyton if the writers didn´t try to make all the Brucasers Leyton fans…