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posted by Problematic129
~Genre:realistic fiction, humor~
Chapter 18
    The consequences were worth it
    “Look I really am sorry, I just…”
    “Threw a pie at her face,” the principal said, giving me a look.
    “Look Principal Gerad, I really am sorry, time’s have been very tough at my house. And…well Meredith and I aren’t exactly what you’d call best friend material, or dynamic…we just hate each other.”
    “So you threw a pie in her face.”
    “I don’t know why your...
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posted by dragonsmemory
(Dear Reader,
The story you are about to read is another Eden book. "The Guardian of Eden" is part of the Encounter series. Please keep in mind that some parts may be spoilers for other Eden Chronicles books.
The following story was originally written spring 2011 under the título "Hirach." It has since been changed. I hope you all enjoy this tale from Eden.
A fantasia NOVEL


Centuries ago, when humans began to exploitthe dragons' Knowledge and power for themselves, something had to be done. A special meeting of Parliament was called to address the problem. The king, who,...
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posted by BlondLionEzel
Issue #1

*Japanese Countryside School*

Teacher: Everyone, we have a new student here all the way from America.

Yuki: *Looks at her friend* I wonder who it is?

Yuki’s Friend: *Shrugs*

Teacher: Welcome our new student, his name is Nick.

Nick: *Walks in nervously, has black hair, a red baseball boné, cap pale-ish skin, dazzling brown eyes, and a slim but muscular figure* Hello...

Yuki’s Friend: *Whispers to Young Yuki* Wow...this guy is cute...

Yuki: *Blushes* I kind of agree...

Teacher: Would any of you like to ask perguntas about Nick?

Yuki’s Friend: What is America like?

Nick:’s big...very...
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posted by Problematic129
Just a little uplifting, includes pictures that's funny, and things that I hope makes you smile.
Because smiling and laughing are very healthy to your coração and your emotional being, if your down get happy.
Life sometimes gets hard, and when I smile I usually feel better, so if your feeling down this will be a great help to.
We all have problems, or something that sets us off our course. Life was never meant to be easy, we just have to accept that and take that step forward. Let go of all our fears, because there’s nothing to be afraid of.    
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posted by Problematic129
*Sorry for the wait, writer's block showed it's ugly head. Thanks for all the comments :) Please don't copy and please read and review*
Chapter 3
    A strange vision
    “Was he hot?” My best friend Jessica asked. I groaned, of course that would be the first thing she asked.
    After that introduction, I drove straight to Jessica’s house, knowing she would rebel and not go to school, because she said and I quote ‘Monday doesn’t count as a school dia in my book’. Ever since the first dia of eighth grade, she hasn’t attended...
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posted by sawfan13
He woke up all alone in the darkness. He felt something
cold and metallic around his wrist. What the hell? What's going on? He had been handcuffed before, but not like this. He's an escape artist, illusionist even. He's a very famous man, living in the sinful and colorful city of Las Vegas, Nevada. Yet, why is he locked in this room all alone? He looked down and noticed he was shirtless. Where's my shirt? His muscular tanned abs were exposed in the dark room, as he felt his long dark hair touching his shoulders and below his neck. He pulled on the handcuff. Damn it! I've escaped out of these before! Why isn't it working now?

He heard footsteps coming, as his coração started to race. He heard a giggle, as a blonde girl wearing his symbols and clothing line stood before him. She smiled in a sinister way, "Hello, Mr. Angel! We've been expecting you!"
posted by Problematic129
~Genre: Fiction, fantasy~    
    Now, I don’t hate school, no, not at all. But the thought of going to it for a place of safety, especially with no one but creepy janitors in there, yeah, I’m not liking it.
    “How are we going to get in?” Brooklyn asked, eyeing the doors that, in morning look friendly and welcoming, but at night look dangerous and ready to gobble up innocent kids.
    “Oh, please!” Stilere said, looking at our faces. “You cannot be scared of school,...
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posted by Problematic129
~Genre: Fiction, mystery and fantasia :)~
Chapter 32
My best friend was murdered por my other best friend
    I awoke again to find myself lying on a cold stone floor, I felt just as cold, emoty inside. My head throbbed lightly, but painful, and my chest hurt when I breathed. But that couldn’t compare to the betrayal I felt when I learned that Jessica was the one that killed my sister, and Dorothy’s so called friend were the accomplices.
    “Help,” I croaked. “Help.”
    “I don’t know why you bother, Des. Your voice is weak...
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posted by hgfan5602
There's a possibility
That if we believe in our souls
Then the doubt that we will fail
Will melt away

We must believe
There's no better time to do this
And we shall never give up
Because a helpless creature is dying

We shall help the creature
And if we come together and sing
All hope will become stronger and stronger
Like a candle building flame

We shall care for it
We shall be its shoulder to lean on
We shall never give up hope
If it dies, I die with it

It shall survive
If we give up all our hope
Nothing ever shall be alive again

The hope still blazes
Inside of each and every one of us,
And we believe that we will
Defeat our obstacle

There will be nothing to fight us
After we look inside ourselves
And find our strength

I have a dream,
That my little amazing creature
Will survive and get a new leg
It shall not die.
posted by hgfan5602
Hope still blazes
Inside me.
I know I can do this.
It's possible,
And hope is entirely on
My side.

I believe I can do this.
I shall soar like an eagle
And touch the sky.
Reaching my dreams,
Achieving my goals.

While the war still blazes away
I have a dream
That one day,
There will be peace.

Everyone will live in harmony
That day,
Never before to be engaged
In the horrible shackles of war.

Though difficult,
I believe in myself.
I believe in my country.
I believe in the world.
I believe that we can do this.
Hope still blazes.
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