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Packie, Niko and Dash began gunning down Russians as they fought their way up the cat walk.

Packie: (holding AK47) Okay.. The guy with the diamonds has got to be around here somewhere..

Dash: (guns down russian with her pistol) He's right, let's keep looking.


Niko: I got it! (takes out rocket launcher, destroying the cars).

20 minutos LATER:

Packie: Give us that fucking ice, you're trapped!

Dash: We'll let you go if you give 'em up.

Guy: I'm screwed either way. If I don't give you the diamonds, you kill me here and you take 'em. I do give you diamonds, Mr. Bulgarin...
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Niko: Packie, my man. How are you and Gracie getting on?

Packie: Like a house on fire, ain't that right, Gracie?

Gracie: (gagged) You fucking bastards.

Packie: See, she was just telling me how much she loved me. What do ya think of Niko, Gracie?

Gracie: (gagged) I fucking hate the both of you.

Packie: Gracie, watch your mouth. Niko is a good friend of mine. Don't say that about him.

Gracie: (gagged) Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, fuck you.

Packie: Gracie, you're sweet. I know I'm too good for him, but sometimes a guy has got to hang out with lowlifes like Niko here. He's got his his uses.

Gracie: (gagged)...
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Since Dash is no longer arco iris, arco-íris DASH... I decided her new name is, Dash Lucia... And she has dark brown hair, but still has RD's rosy eyes... You can keep her as arco iris, arco-íris Dash if you prefer for this story.. But Dash Lucia is her identity in every OTHER story...


Dash: (sitting on couch, drinking a whiskey) after the death of my sister, I became kinda lonely. And shortly after moving here I ended up meeting Packie who befriended me, and I now work for him and his family..

Gracey: (gagged) I DON'T FUCKIN CARE!

Dash: (mockingly) Your such...
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Gracie: You the ones interested in the car.

Dash: (with Niko for her backup) That's us... Mind if we take it for test drive.

Gracie: Can the sexy European guy come?

Niko: (chuckles) Of coarse.

Gracie: You guys dating?

Dash and Niko: No.

Gracie: So he's single!?

Niko: ... Let's just see how it goes with the car.


Niko: (whispers from backseat) Now's the time.

Dash: (in drivers seat) Right.. (turns the car to Packie's seguro house).

Gracie: (in front passenger seat) Umm... Enjoying the car ma'am?.

Dash: (suddenly serious) Yes.. But we're not here for...
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Dash: (shoots a guy in the head) Haha!.. Enjoy the red rain!.. (grabs wallet from the guy's corpse).


Dash: (outside Packie's front door) oi Packie! I got your wallet from the thief.. (a bit sarcastically) Want me to just leave it on the front step or what!?

Packie: (voice) Hang on, hang on, I'm coming... (opens door), Thanks again. (takes it from her) He give it up easy.

Dash: Well.. After I shot him in the eye he did.

Packie: ... I never said to kill hi-

Dash: Yeah. Well... He was a trust fund prick, and now he's enjoying the red rain.

Packie: ... You know, you should meet Carly Jade....
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Johnny: All you Europeans got the same fuckin' accent.

Roman: (gagged) Please, please. I'll pay you anything.

Johnny: I think he's trying to say something, Malc.

Roman: (gagged) I can get money, I promise.

Malc: I don't know, I ain't hearing shit.

Roman: (gagged) Okay, okay. My cousin, he has money. He will pay you.

Malc: Oh, I get it. I think the man's trying to give us some (points gun) money. We let him go and he'll come back with a bag full of unmarked twenties, right?

Roman: (gagged) Yes, yes. Exactly, exactly.

Johnny: You mean, he's like, trying to bribe us?

Roman: (gagged) Yes!

Johnny: I hope...
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Johnny: (bursts into Brian's apartment) Heeeere's JOHNNY!


Johnny: (uses pistol begins dramatically shooting his way though his X brothers).

Johnny: (shoots a bunch of them).

Gunmen: (shoots at Johnny).

Johnny: (dodges and tackles the gunmen, and stabs him in the face with a knife).

Johnny: Brian! Come out and pla~ay!.. (shoots his way up the stairs).

Eventually both the song and battle both end.

Johnny: (shoots Brians last body guard and than corners Brian). Now your mine Jeremy!

Brian: Please Johnny, I'm bagging yo-

Johnny: (points a pistol at Brian's head)...
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Brian :Here comes Tweedle Dum and Tweedle fucking Dumber. Billy was always good to you and you ratted him out.

Johnny: Shut up Brain! Billy is a one-way SOB, and he don't give a shit about the brothers.

Brian No, nuh-uh.

Johnny: You think Billy'd stick his neck out for you? You're dumber than I thought.

Brian: "You're dumber than I thought, you're dumber than I thought." I knew you'd say, just knew you'd say that. You're so predictable..

Jim: Fuck billy!

Brian: (gasps) Hey! You take that fuckin bac-

Johnny: I said.. FUCK BILLY!

Brian: (screaming) BILLY IS THE PRISDIENT! YOU WILL...
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EPISODE 5: (one shot).

An chinesse man is seen getting various bullets all over every inch of his his body, and falling dead.

Johnny: (holding his M16) That's the last of them.

Jim: Good beac-... oi look, Billy is getting arrested.

Johnny: Oh cool!... (laughs) look at his face. (they both laugh).

Billy: (off view) JOHNNY!

Johnny: (waves) oi Billy.

Billy: (being arrested) JOHNNY! YOU SET ME UP! YOU JEWISH FUCKIN... JEW!...

Billy (off view) YOUR FUCKIN DEAD!

Johnny: (stupidly) Aww, he remembers me.

Johnny: Man.. You will not BELIEVE what happened just now.

Jim: Yeah.. We had to gun our way though a bunch...
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Derrick: (now holding a Assault rifle/AK47 instead of his earlier pistol, while Niko holds a carabina rifle, as he was using earlier) Shit! Their everywhere!

Packie: (holding AK47 as well). Then we're fight our way though this! mover out boys!

Packie and Derrick dramatically burst out of the bank, firing at the cops.

The scream moments from KORN - GET THIS PARTY STARTED fill the background).

Packie: (annoyed) Niko! Turn off the music! I can't concentrate.

Niko: (holding a CD player that's playing the Korn song), But it's setting the mood!

Packie: Maybe.. But I still can't concentrate.. Besides.. Your...
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posted by Canada24
Decided to do a quick BEST OF arco iris, arco-íris DASH, before continuing..Sense she's becoming a bit of a breakout character..


Packie: Probably a bit.. But what do I care. I often get paid the MOST in his stories.

Niko: Just as long as there's no pónei, pônei references like the last one.

Packie: Of coarse not.. Come on Dash!

Rainbow Dash: (runs over) Coming!

Niko: (faceslap) Grrr!


Packie: [to Niko] We got an opportunity, my boy.

Michael Yep. Fortune favors the brave.

Dash: (tying red bandana on her head) Gotta make feno while the sun shines.


Dash: Oh god. Not THIS crap again... I heard this speech...
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This chapter a repeat chapter from TREVOR PHILLIPS SERIES:

Packie: Gerald was very clear about the way things is going down, boys. Me and Michael are on the civilians, Derrick and Niko are on employe... (to Derrick Derrick) did you sort out the charge for the cofre door?

Derrick: What's that mean? Of course I sorted out the charge. What you think I been doing all day?

Packie: I dunno. Nodding off with a needle sticking outta your arm?

Derrick: Patrick, you was such a sweet little boy when I left this city... Now all you do is watch Full Metal jaqueta 24 hours a day!

Packie Fuck you! It's good movie!...
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ckie: (kicks down the door) LET'S DO THIS!

korn - Wake Up Hate begins playing a huge fight takes place.

Eventually Niko maade his way upstairs towards the money as the others covered him.

Dash: (shoots one with her shoot gun and the blast blew him a few feet away).

Packie: (shoots two enemies in a row).

Niko: Okay kids, I got the cash. (enemy reinforcements arrive). Shit! Looks like were not the only ones after it!

The song begins playing again.

Michael: (throws gernade, killing several enamies).

Packie: (guns down enamy) You ain't taking ME down!

Niko: (guns down enamy) YOU LIKE!?

Packie: (shooting...
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Niko: (grabs carabina Rifle)

Packie: (loading AK47) Here we are boys. Moment of fucking truth... If raio, ray is correct then the money's going to be kept in the office, in the main building.

Dash: (pumps short Shotgun) Alright, let's go and get that money than.

Michael: (holding carabina rifle) Why you need it anyway?.. I thought you had LOTS of money.

Dash: I did.. But I must of used it all.

Michael: Fair enough.



(they all open fogo on Packie's group).

Michael: RETURN FIRE! (they shoot and kill a fair amount of enamies).

Packie: (fast talking) I'LL-FUCKIN-KILL-YOU-MOTHERFUCKIN-(not even real words anymore).. (shoots several of them dead).


Dash: (shoots dead the last enamy) That's all of them Packie.

Packie: Great.. Let's get inside.

Packie: the plan was they were gonna hide the diamonds in the Queen's ass! (the other 3 laugh)

[Niko enters.]

Kate: Oh, hey, Niko.

Niko: Hey, Kate.

Packie: Get your fucking hands off my fucking sister, boy.

Dash: (only one to laugh).

Kate: (sarcastically) We're talking, not having casual sex, Patrick... I pray after the amount of practice you've had you'd know the difference.

Packie: Sure, I know the difference. One leaves you feeling sad and empty and alone... and the other's casual sex!

Dash: (again the only one to laugh).

Packie: See. the pónei, pônei gets me.

Kate: Whatever... I...
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Niko: (reaches the topo, início floor when suddenly he gets a phone call).

Roman: (on phone) Cousin, let's go bowling.

Niko: Not know Roman.

Roman: (on phone) Strip club than?

Niko: You know I don't care for that shit cousin.

Roman: (on phone) but they got Lindsay Lohan now.

Niko: ... Really?

Roman: (on phone) yeah. And she shows EVERYTHING!

Niko: Oh god! That is so fuckin hot!

Roman: (on phone) I know right.

Niko: What about Paris Hilton?... I mean.. She's a idiot. But she's got an rockin bod!

Roman: (on phone) Soon Niko, soon... That's the dream.

Packie: Careful Connor.. I don't trust these guys.

Connor: Relax....
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Mallory: Liz, this is Niko, Roman's cousin, and Niko, this is Elizabeta. She's an old friend. She'll give you some work.

Lizzy: Okay... thank you, Mal. So, tough guy, you know about this business?

Niko: I know about protection. What do you need?

Lizzy: I need someone no one knows to oversee a deal I'm not sure about.

Niko: Easy.

Lizzy: I think it'll be a bit mais taxing than hanging with Manny on "the streets".

Niko: Not so... For one, I won't have to listen to him talk.

Lizzy: [laughing] True! oi Niko, this is Pa-.. Packie?

Packie: (comes out of bathroom) Ahh.. Always nice releasing the load.

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Johnny: Brian, Brian, are you sure you want to be here? I mean, this is a man's job after all.

Brian: No, Johnny, nope. You're the fucking pussy, man.

Johnny: Shit, I can't hear you, big man. It's the wind. Speak up seguinte time.


Billy: lost MC is here motherfuckers!

Brian: Yeah! lost M-


Johnny took put an M16 and started open firing at the enemies.


Brian: (managed to throw a gernade, witch successfully killed three or four of the Angels).

Billy had double pistols and skillfully started gunning down Angels.


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Niko: Keep away from Mr Faustin’s daughter.

Mason: Fuck you! This ain’t Russia! And we ain’t communists!

Niko: Why dose everybody think I’m Russian?

Daughter: Tell my dad! I can see whoever I want..

Mason: I will get the brothers. And we’re kick your as- (gets shot in the face, and dies).

Niko: (holding handgun).

Daughter: YOU KILLED HIM!!

Niko: Yes. That’s why I’m here… What did you expect.. Me to chase him down on a bike and fight him and other bike members.. No thank you.
Vlad: Fucking yokel, you think you can get away with killing me?

Niko: I guess I'll find out!.

Vlad: You think this is worth it? My friends will track you down, you won't last a moment!

Niko: I'll last longer than you will, shithead. NOBODY fucks Roman's girl like that!

Vlad: ... I was only joking about that.

Niko: ... What? But she was at your hou-

Vlad: She was there for something else... Besides. Mallorie is gross.

Niko: ... Oh god!... Guess I wasn't thinking properly.

Vlad: It's fine.. Just stop pointing that stupid gun at me.

Niko: Fine... (throws down the shotgun, but it accidently goes off and...
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