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 Lindsay Meme
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Lindsay fans, please don't start a lynch mob with pitchforks and torches. I simply created this image because well, isn't it a true fact she can't remember the names of the other characters?
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This ilha dos desafios fotografia contains anime, banda desenhada, manga, desenhos animados, mangá, and quadrinhos.

Courtney: Get It Right-Lea Michele
Bridgette: All American Girl- Carrie Underwood
Lindsay: barbie Girl- Aqua
Cody: Gotta Be Somebody- Nickelback
Trent: oi There Delila- Plain White T's
Gwen: What Hurts The Most- Cascada/Rascal Flatts
Noah: Thanks For The Memories- Fall Out Boy
Izzy: Real Wild Child- Everlife
Katie/Sadie: One And The Same- Selena Gomez and Demi Lavato.
DJ: Not That Far Away- Jennette McCurdy
Leshawna: One Step At A Time- Jordan Sparks
Geoff: I Gotta Feeling- Black-eyed Peas
Sierra: Paparazzi- Lady Gaga
Owen: Eat it- Weird Al
Beth: Girl seguinte Door- Saving Jane
Duncan: You're Gonna Go Far Kid- The Offspring
Eva: So What- P!nk
Harold: White and Nerdy- Weird Al
Justin: Womanizer- Britney Spears
Heather: Alejandro- Lady Gaga
Alejandro: If I Had You- Adam Lampert
Lucy:Wait...I didn't get casted?
Chris:Oh?Welll,ummm....Eva.Here*throws her outfit at her*There you go.
with the contestants,who are rehersing their scripts
Jacob:I don't get this,all it dows is explain how your character acts!
Storm:Yeah!It says no goddamn thing of what your supposed to say!
Mizzie:Maybe Chris lost the rest?He is an idiot.
Izan:*walks in,dressed in Chris' outfit*Nope,he expects us to make up our own lines,closes to your character wins!
Alex:How are we supposed to do that?!
Izan:I don't know,but you have about 35 mais minutos to come up with something!
Buster:THAT ISN'T...
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Ray: I can't belive we made it this far!
Sarah: i know!
Rayven: well, who will win!
Lulu: is zoey still asleep?
Ray: should i wake her up?
Sarah: no she needs her sleep!
Lulu: rayven! what are you doing?
Rayven: oi ZOEY WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Zoey: what???
Sarah: Rayven!

Sarah's POV: ok Rayven makes me sick!

Chris: campers come to the lake!

Ray: so wha...........
Rayven: Don't you dare Ray!
Ray: I can ask if i want to!
Rayven: Not on my watch!
Ray: so what's our challange!
Rayven: .....................
Chris: You guys will get on a cruse ship! then who ever barfs frist will get off the show!
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Chris: Welcome to total drama survivor! There will be 10 new campers here and 10 old ones! All of them are coming right now! And here comes Jade!

Jade: oi chris!

Chris: oi Jade! Your the first one here.

Jade: I am? Cool.

Chris: Oh and here comes Jared!

Jared: oi Chris whats up!

Chris: Congrats your the segundo one here!

Jared: Damnt!

Chris: Look whos coming next! ALEX!

Alex: Hi chris, its a pleasure to be here.

Chris: Hello Alex, Nice of you to cadastrar-se us.

Alex: Your welcome.

Jade: *whispers to jared* well we know whos going to be on the good team.

Jared: *Laughs* we sure do.

Chris: seguinte here is Lisa!

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world tour
*non-Frist class*

Duncan: now were lsoeing bad!
Trent: Yeah it's 8 to 10.
Ezekiel: we can't lose tonight homes.
Duncan: Yeah.

Rochelle: I can't Belive ABBY wannated to leave
Annie: I amor Jar3d.
Natalie: he's nothe other team.
Annie: So?
Rochelle: So.................... it's bad to do it. He could lose you.
Annie: He wouldn't do that he's too nice.
Natalie and Rochelle: what ever.

*First class*

Jar3d: I miss Courntey.
Avan: She's on the other team.
Jar3d: so?
Avan: never mind.

Bridgette: I never thought it would happen but we are winiing so far.
Jamie: Yeah.
Rayven: Lets selaprate!
*Ray and Noah makes out*
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theme song plays
The camera pans onto the sheds,and the scene is interupted por the P.A. speaking loudly,obviously waking them up.
Chris: *on PA* Wake up!We have a big dia today! SO GET YOUR ASSES UP!
Jordan: *comes out of shed and throws a rock at the PA, breaking it* GOAL!
Jacob and Lucy: *laughing*Nice!
The rest of the teens come out
Storm: If Chris thinks he's funny,HE'S FUCKING WRONG!
Mizzie: Ugh...I hate waking up to THAT voice.
Buster: I know exactly what you mean...I miss Kina*pouty face*
Leeroy: Ugh..Where's Buddy?
Buster: I think he's still asleep.
Storm: I'll get him!*happily walks in the...
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chris: i need these camperes Gwen Duncan Trent Lindsay Trent Brighette geoff courtney izzy oweb tyler heather sierra cody herold

Trent: how long do we need to stay here
chris as long as i want you to
duncan: oh boy
lindsay: do you think this house is a little creepy
duncan: no oi lets go to are rooms and unpzck
lindsay: i swear this house
sierra: i don't think it is that weird
gwen: how would you know you were stareing at cody the whole time
sierra: so
heather lindsay it is like your saying their is such thing as ghost
lindsay: why dosem't anyone belive me*lays...
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2 years back at the grave yard
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