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Lindsay fans, please don't start a lynch mob with pitchforks and torches. I simply created this image because well, isn't it a true fact she can't remember the names of the other characters?
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This ilha dos desafios fotografia contains anime, banda desenhada, manga, desenhos animados, mangá, and quadrinhos.

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At 19:00...
Duncan:Go, Courtney!
Courtney:Now, Dunky!I'm so happy!
Courtney:Bye, Gwen!

In the car...
Courtney:Are you happy?
Duncan:Yes!I'm happy like you!*hugs Courtney*
Courtney:*hugs Duncan back*I amor this date!Where will be?
Duncan:You will see it.

At the restaurant...
Courtney:Wow!That's so cute!
Duncan:I know!And this is your favourite food!Soup with vegetables, pizza with cheeze and bacon, toucinho and at the sobremesa a cake with morango and banana.
Courtney:How do you know these are my favourites?
Duncan:Help from Bridgette and Gwen, your friends!
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*We have room for two mais girls, so if you are interested after leitura this article, feel free to say you want in*

Sofie: *standing on a dock in front of a gigantic white cruise ship* WOO HOO! Are you as excited as I am!?
Chris: *next to her* I--
Kieran: *jumps in front of him* oi I'M KIERAN! HEE HEE! :D *falls in the water*
Sofie and Chris: -o-'
Sofie: Um, as I was saying, WELCOME TO TDI: HELL'S CRUISE SHIP! Me and Chris McLane here, have invited 13 girls to compete for 1,000,000 dollars on this cruise standing behind me! We'll be throwing some challenges in here and there, but over all they...
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 This is a mystery!!!
This is a mystery!!!
"What is your name?"Officer Melinda(duncan's mom)Payne asked Izzy, "I am Isabella Daniell Casey Mclean, Chris's wife."She said proudly, like she had nothing to lose, she turned to Courtney "ok, Did you kill Chris?"She asked Courtney" ma'am I didn't"She said with no emotion in her voice."Where were you when he was killed?"she asked"At my boyfriend Duncan's house."she said turning red a little,"What were you doing there?"she asked "um......"courtney siad"What were you doing there?"She asked, her angelic voice becoming irretable"I think you know what,considering the fact that you found me in nothing...
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Ok so this idea came up to me after having a dream of being on Total Drama and then everyone died…don’t ask. Anyways I’ll be working on this along with the fantasia matches you guys request and I’ll see where it goes. I hope you enjoy it.

“Welcome contestants to another glorious season of Total Drama folks!” Chris McClean, the host, yells as he stands in front of the camera. A scene of the ocean and a large cruise ship is seen behind him. “This season, all of our contestants will be sent overseas to compete for yet another million dollar prize! This is Total…Drama…TITANIC!”...
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Chris: Last time on Total Drama Around the World: We got Traped in Londres cause someone took Chef! So I made everyone do a boot camp! The first to finsh was Buddy and Draven who found Chef from Alejandro! and Alejandro Went on team Londres again. So Lulu was the 3rd to finsh the boot camp so her team didn't lose and didn't win. and team Londres loast and almost everyone votted AL out. But i said no al out! and Jax got booted! Who win? who will lose? find out on Total Drama around the World!

*theme song*

*first class*

Wally: First class Rocks!
Katie: I know right? But it would be better if Jared was...
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Chris:Hey everybody and welcome to Total Drama The Olympics! Where contestants will have to fight it out to win another 1 million dollars in this huge stadium! And here comes are first contestant; Duncan! How you doing man?
(Chris puts hand up for a high five)
Duncan: I don't think so. Where are we sleeping?
Chris: In this, Luxury Hotel!
Duncan: I meant where are we, as the contestants, sleeping?
Chris: In the Hotel.
Duncan: What's wrong with it?
Chris: Nothing! Geeeez! I wish you people would trust me more! Now go unpack!
Duncan: Whatever.
Chris: Our seguinte contestant is Geoff! oi dude, what's up?...
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Chasia:Okay,so here you will receive a aleatório thing if you are safe..*Chucks stuff at everyone but Duncan and Chris*





Chasia:FUCK YOU!*Throws them in a lake*


Jared:I can't poke him anymore :(,Well,that's when a voodoo doll comes in handy!

Aydan:What the frig?

Annie:Yay!!I'm safe

Katie and Sadie:EEEEEEE!!!!

Rayven:*betch-slaps Katie and Sadie*

Katie and Sadie:......

Chasia:This season has been boring so far*sigh* Well,see you seguinte time,bitches!!
A/N: Another poem I wrote. It's also in the Total Drama Island Fanfiction spot. Don't read if you like BxG. WARNING: implied femslash (yuri, femmeslash, girlxgirl), depression, and stuff that BridgettexGeoff fãs won't like.

beijar Geoff, I pretend to like it,
But being with him just doesn't fit,
Ignoring true desires, inside I die,
I'm living a lie.

Act like I like Geoff, say it's him I,
Can't live without, say that I,
Want to be with him forever, but I-
I'm living a lie.

The truth I can't unfurl,
Is that I amor another girl,
The truth that I'm,
Living in one huge, sad lie.

I should tell Geoff the reality,
About my real sexuality,
But I can't reveal this lie,
For it makes me want to die.

I'll ignore my true feelings,
And the coração in need of healing,
And live with that 'til the dia I die,
I'll be a living a lie.