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Lindsay fans, please don't start a lynch mob with pitchforks and torches. I simply created this image because well, isn't it a true fact she can't remember the names of the other characters?
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This ilha dos desafios fotografia contains anime, banda desenhada, manga, desenhos animados, mangá, and quadrinhos.

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Heather: *looking enraged* ......
Sierra: Okay, um, Esper wanted to say that everyone's being REALLY immature right now.
Cody:'s not like the entire fanbase is listening to this-
Alejandro: And even if they do-
Heather: .....SHUT UP....-they won't care.
Alejandro: Heather..
Heather: r.r
Alejandro: :(
Sierra: Okay..anyway, you guys aren't called fãs for nothing, but you don't need to freak out when it seems things on the show aren't what you pictured them to be. It can still be that way; just because it's not happeining on the show doesn't mean it's not going to happen.
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"uh,i like girls"
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Well, this is just perfect. It's my junior year, and I'm a clutzy nobody. Great. How I even survived freshman and sophmore year, I'll never know. But, at this prison named Cridel Creek High, the oddest of things will happen...

I swerved around the corners, finding a parking spot in the very back, and hurried inside, trying my best not to fall flat on my face. I burst throught the doors, but the school seemed deserted... I raced off to the Lego gym, thinking I was already late, but I heard a commotion in the preformance gym... I slipped inside, trying to avoid detection por the hundreds of...
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This whole story is based on the youtube video called charlie teh unicorn.


Katie: Duncannnnn!

Sadie: Duncannnnn!

Duncan: ugh, what?

Katie: We gotta go! were burning this place down!

Duncan: Well what about all the animais in the forest?

Sadie: Well clearly their gonna BURN alot!

Katie: Well that isnt nice!

Sadie: Why dont you shut the hellll up.

Katie: No you shut the helll up.

Sadie: No you shut the helll up.

Duncan: Alright you can both go and shut the hell up.

Katie: Im not talkin to you duncan!

Sadie: Rainbow! *barfs*

*on a bridge*

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Nadia: ok guys, the race starts here in Peru and here is your first clue.
*everyone takes the clues*

Noah: ok niomi it says we have to go walking to the store Bondi.
Niomi: ok if there is the seguinte clue, lets go!

Tappy: we cant use a car or taxi?
Dj: no, so lets hurry!

Duncan: Come on Sam we are in first place...
Samie: Yeah! lets continue running!

Courtney: ough where is that store?
Tom: i dont know lets ask
Courtney: fine, *ask to someone* the store is over there!
Tom: ok, lets go!

Freddy: yes! now we are in first place
Izzy: yay! woohoo 4 us!

Jared: sorry guys but now we are winning!
Lindsay: uuummmm Jared,...
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Duncan and Izzy sound the cutest to me! :D
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Part THREE of AkamaruEevee's famous total drama WHAT series!
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sierra: well hello i'm sierra the host of total drama altament challenge. your probably wondering weres chris well chris is on a crus to mexico for 3 monnths and said i need to host. ok onb this hsow there are 12 new players and 16 old players. let me tell you the old players Duncan Gwen Courtney Noah Coodyy Heather Trent Justin Lindsay Izzy Lesawna Alijondro(plz tell me if i speeled his name wrong) Geoff Brighette Tyler and finally Herold now lets introduce are 14 new contestances Keli estrela Rayla Crystal Destrey Rily Nikita Canile Alex jake Niki and angle
star: so your hosting the show

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