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 Cody and Trent color swap
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This ilha dos desafios fotografia contains anime, banda desenhada, manga, desenhos animados, mangá, and quadrinhos.

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posted by HoldsteinSingh
 LeShawna definetely looks good as Pocahontas...
LeShawna definetely looks good as Pocahontas...
Which disney Princess do you like best?

1. Bridgette as Ariel. Both girls are better in nature, even when Ariel is Under the Sea. They both amor the ocean.

2. Lindsay as Aurora. Both girls have blond hair. They even amor to have fun.

3. Heather as Cinderella. Both have shown nudity at some point. Both have short hair. They even got their rewards near the end of their time (i.e. Heather got her prize in the Final Chapter of Total Drama, TDWT. Well, the final chapter for the 25 contestants, at least). Heather had the better victory ending rather than the other winners (Owen and Duncan).

4. Izzy as...
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Okay here's the deal. I'm starting a camp named Total Drama Dynamite. And only 15 of you guys can be in it. And I will have 15 of the old ones. The old ones i'm using are Heather , Alejandro , Duncan , Gwen , Leshawna , Trent , Bridgette , Geoff , Cody , Noah , Sierra , Lindsay , D.J , Tyler , and the most EPIC INTERN EVER... Billy. Okay so if you wanna be in this fanfiction say you wanna be on here when you comment. And if you do tell me about yourself so I won't make you too nice or too evil. And if you don't I'll figure something out. And you get to choose whose going out with who. Like with Gwen when you comment on this say either GXT OR DXC and either of the couples you can write as much couples as you want. And of course Chris is still the *WONDERFUL* HOST. So if you have anymore perguntas just ask. AND.......start!!!!!!!
*Team Vega, Talia, and Tori in the auditorium, on the stage, 7:30 PM*

Talia: Welcome to the Elimination Ceremony. Team Vega, you currently have eleven members, but only ten of you will remain here. If I call your name, you will receive a Golden Mic. *mutters* Yes, the Golden Mic is made of chocolate. *clears her throat* Anyways, if you do not receive a Golden Mic, you must denunciar to the Lame-o-sine my Uncle Chris loaned me, and you will never be allowed to return. EVER! The first three Golden Mics go to... LeShawna, Rene, and Lindsay!
Tori: *tosses them their Golden Mics*
The seguinte three go to......
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posted by soxfan89
Chris:Ok, bebês It's Now Feeding Time.
Heather:I Got My Bottle.
Chris:So You're All Set Then, Heather.
Lindsay:Do We Have To Sit In High Chairs?
Courtney:Yeah, We're Babies. Remember?
Noah:I'll Try And Sit Up Straight!
Izzy:Feeding Time, Already?
Owen:Yes, Gimme Some Food!
Chris:Just A minuto Owen. I'm Getting It!
Sierra:I'm Not Eating.
Leshawna:Sierra, You Need To Eat!
Cody:I Must Be Eating!
Tyler:We're Eating In A Minute.
Trent:I Can Hardly Wait.
Duncan:I'm Not Doing This. It's Stupid! (Takes Off His Diaper)
Gwen:That's Disgusting!
Sadie:It Burns.
Katie:It's A Living Nightmare!
Bridgette:Duncan, Put Your...
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posted by soxfan89
(In The Rec Room)
Colin:so What Do You Guys Want To Talk About?
Duncan:You Tell Us!
Colin:Ok, Who's Your favorito disney Princess? Mine Is Belle!
Cody:Snow White.
Harold:Snow White.
Colin:So Anyway, That Was It!
(Colin Approaches The Girls)
Colin:Are You leitura Magazines?
Gwen:Yes! What Do You Think Of Nick Jonas?
Lindsay:I Think He's So Cute.
Colin:He Sure Is.
Courtney:So Much Cuter Than Kevin!
Izzy:No Way, I Like Kevin!
Leshawna:I Like Nick He's Hot!
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