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Geoff & Bridgette are a couple on TDI/TDA, and are known for always making out.
Bridgette is a relaxed, carefree, surfer chick, while Geoff is a wild party animal.
In 'Not-So-Happy-Campers part 1' Geoff warmly greets Bridgette when she arrives on the island. In the título secence, they are looking lovingly into each others eyes when Owen farts. They show mais affection in the later episodes.
In 'The Sucky Outdoors,' Geoff trys a few moves on Bridgette but they are literally the worst ever made.
In 'Up the Creek' Bridgette confesses to Courtney about the gift that Geoff gave her, a small bowl...
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See what happens after the Flush of Shame. After long waiting, the post-merge eliminates were finally uploaded on the facebook page.