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emisa123 posted on Nov 23, 2008 at 02:23PM
create a TDI character. post how they look like, their name, what their like, and who they like.
Only three winners!

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over a year ago BlackStone said…
Well, hello everybody, I'm new in Fanpop, and I like Total Drama Island and Action. My favorite character is Izzy, so I made my own character based upon her wallpaper.
Name: Alayna
Age: 16 almost 17
Look like: She's very pretty, had brown (with a touch of red)hair, a little black dress, two ear pierce in each ear, light brown eyes and amazing body curves ^.^
Personality: She has an strong one. She seems to be a lady, but really she acts like a tomboy, and she doesn't care what other people thinks about her. Always tells the truth about she thinks of other pepole, be careful. But also she's a very loyable friend, you can trust her... she will never betray you.
Friends: In the camp she's very close friend to Leshawna, Izzy and Gwen. She is also firend of Duncan, Trent and Owen.
Enemies: Heather, because she wanted to bullied her like everyone else and she couldn't, and Courtney, because she thought that Alayna had a crush on Duncan and it wasn't truth. In fact, Alayna is very upset because it was a total misunderstanding, and she apreciate Courtney. She loves someone else...
Crush: She is in love with Chris ^.^. And Chris loves her too!!! They must wait until TDI finish, to date each other. But he confesses her in the 8th elimination program.
Likes: Rock music of '70 -'90 period, Older boys, Fried Chicken, and all kind of Books.
Dislikes: Stupid people, and Squids (like food)
Afraid of: TV red light (It's scary in the middle of the night)

Well It's kinda like me, and the guy I like it's also named Chris, but I've got black hair. Hahahahaha!

See ya.-
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 Well, hello everybody, I'm new in Fanpop, and I like Total Drama Island and Action. My favorito chara
over a year ago DUNCAN77TRENT7 said…
loves:Gwen (trent said if i break up with her you can take her)
eye color:Blue
hair color:Black
team:Killer Bass
enemies:Everybody else
audition tape:doing a triple back flip
Elimination reason:broke leg


he is Trent's Twin brother so they all like to do the same thing
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 name:Victor age:16 loves:Gwen (trent said if i break up with her you can take her) eye color:Blue IQ
over a year ago gwenfan3445 said…
this is Caroline's sister Erin
Crush- Victor
Audition-Hi I'm Erin. You might know me cause i was on my sisters audition tape.PLEASE DONT PICK HER SHES A IDOIT
Caroline-I FRIGGEN HEARD THAT!!!!!!!!!! YOUR DEAD!!!!!!!!
Erin-Well i better go befor my sister tries to kill me Bye *does peace sign**runs*.

Friends- Lindsey,Heather,Katie,Bridgette,Trent,Sume­r,V­ict­or(­up there^),Noah,Owen,Izzy and Alayna
Enimes-Gwen,Duncan,Noah,Cody,Chris,Chef,C­aro­lin­e,V­ane­ssa­,Le­Sha­wna and Justin
Saying-Burn them like a piece of twige
Biogaphy- Shes a Lawer in training.With a gothic sister and a super stressed mom and a dad who passed away she always has time to write about her life. Her dad passed away when she was 2. When she was in grade 4 and when her sister was 14 Caroline became goth. Erin is now a super nice 16 year old. As for Caroline who is 21.
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 this is Caroline's sister Erin Name-Erin Crush- Victor Audition-Hi I'm Erin. You might know me cause
over a year ago ROCKCHIC179 said…
Name: Silver
Hobbies:extreme sports and playing pranks on people
Hair colour:chocolate brown
Eye colour: green
Skin: mixed
Team: Killer bass
Loves: DJ
Friends: Countey, Bridgette, Gwen, LaShawna, Dj, Duncan, Geoff and Trent
Enemies:Heather, Katie, Sedie, Justin, Noah and Harold
Personality: Rough, Tough, fun and nice when she feels like it
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 Name: Silver Age:16 Hobbies:extreme sports and playing pranks on people Hair colour:chocolate brow
over a year ago summer_rain said…
name: skyler
friends:izzy(e-scope)duncan bridgette dj lindsey cody
i know she looks bad it because i have a crudie mouse
 name: skyler friends:izzy(e-scope)duncan bridgette dj lindsey cody enemys:heather crush:cody i k
over a year ago popular24 said…
over a year ago dramalyric said…
color:like heather
hair:dark brown pony tail
personality:kinda goth and punkish,im a little lazy really nice,hates courtney and to hang out with.
over a year ago tiaizzylinda said…
age; 13
eye color; redish brown
iq; not sure
hair color redish pink
skin white
lovs meat and soury ssugary stuff and video games
audition tape skates on roller blades and trips over a cord
elimination ; was really tired and grumpy and punched chris after leaving
abbilities ; can make big fires , great in comps not a nerd though , expert video gamest.
she is a 13 year old hot headed tomboy not like eva though and she is a bit of a crazy person.she hates heather and trys to kill her . she likes video games is lazey and she dosnt take pity on guys or girly girls only people she cares about most. hates girlys hates make up and nail polish. in real life im just lke my character.i willpost picture later ps she is skinny like me
over a year ago dustfinger said…
Age: 16
eye color: black
hair color: black with red steaks
skin: white
loves: musicals, action movies, singing, and buffalo wings
audition tape: her singing The Phantom of the Opera
elimination: talked about musicals constantly
abbilities: sing and scare animals away
Bio: Always the main lead role in the musicals at her school. People liked her but she didn't really care for people. All girls are scared of her. Gets along with Gwen. Heather is scared of her. She likes Duncun
over a year ago kangat said…
Name: Kai
Age: 16
Hair: Brunette with blue and purple
Skin: bridgette's color
Eyes: Brown
Likes: loud music, reading, drawing, and climbing trees
Dislikes: annoying people, techno music, and models
Audition: Her first music video
Team: Screaming Gaffers
Crush: She wont tell :)crushes make you weak
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 Name: Kai Age: 16 Hair: Brunette with blue and purple Skin: bridgette's color Eyes: Brown Likes:
over a year ago KoalaBearKare said…
her name is Amanda she's 13 her eye color is blue and she loves Noah she is blonde andher b-day is may 12 favriote color is blue andher faviorte animal is a lion RAWR! shes red (native) and likes music she likes techno music the smiley is her orignal face she always give
over a year ago seacat243 said…
Name: Sapphire
Hair: Blonde in a pony like Bridgette
Clothes: Blue Shirt with Tight Jeans
Eyes: Sapphire Blue (That's pretty much where she gets her name. She also Has her name because of her obsession with Blue! XD)
Age: 16
Friends: Everyone except Gwen, Bridgette, Lindsay and Justin.
Best friends: Gwen, Bridgette, Lindsay
Team: What ever they're on. If they are on seprate teams, She is on Gwen's team.
Auddition: Sings a HARD song Perfectly. Then says she takes lessons
Why she was elimanated: She was too nice.
Reaction: "WHAT?!? I'M LIKE ONE OF THE NICEST PEOPLE ON THE SHOW! Sure, I can loose my temper sometimes but, really! Why would anyone vote me off?" *show's the tape from the bathroom*
Duncan looking scary: You're too nice. You gotta go!
Courtney: Too nice. Gwen: Sorry. Trent: If you're watching this Sapphire, We're still friends right? *Turn's it off* *Sapphire turns around* Bye everyone. *Goes past Justin* *Kicks him* *Runs onto the boat* Bye!You're all my Friends!! I'll be watching to see who wins! BYE!
Description: Nice and playful at times. Love to listen to music. Her theme is "The Climb". She can loose her temper sometimes but she dosen't most of the time. She loves Her friends and her family (Especially her dog, Fudge). She loves Anime/Manga, and is (also) obbsessed with Twilight. Her fav character from Twilight is Alice.
Her Crush is a boy back home. She wishes she could see him again. Whenever she thinks of him, she cries. She's glad she's around friends. She HATES justin. She thinks he only thinks of himself when at times, he needs to think of other people too. She has a couple of Brother's that just LOVE to mess around with her and play jokes. She's quite the jokester herself. Now that she has spent all of her life with her Bros, She knows When, where, and what is going to happen. She has an IQ of 1100 and is a stright (sp.??) A+ Student in school. She is a great Speller. She can spell ALOT of things. she is Generous and sweet and LOVES helping. Did I mention she is OBSESSED (When i say it, I MEAN it) with Miley Cyrus. Her mom died in a car accident and Lives with her dog, Brothers, and her father. + Her Ultimate Favourite movie is Titanic.
Skin: Tan
Saying: if ya can't beat em, Join em.
Mail me if I win.
I added too much. didn't I?
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over a year ago zanesaaomgfan said…
Plz mail me if I win
over a year ago wetts2 said…
name kevin
age 12
iq IDK
freinds duncan dj geoff courtney lashona beth
fave clor green
dislikes hights
team killer bass
likes sunny days
eye green
hair black
fave color green yellow
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 name kevin age 12 iq IDK freinds duncan dj geoff courtney lashona beth fave clor green dislikes
over a year ago Officefan222 said…
Name: Alette (French: meaning noble)
age: 16
eye color: blue-green
hair: light brown with gold highlights, long and wavy, thick
skin: white, but tan
team: Killer Bass/Killer Gripps (she is SO on TDA)
Crush: Trent (she keeps a picture of him under her pillow.)
friends: Courtney, Bridgette, LeShawna, Lindsey, Duncan, Tyler, Geoff
enemies: Heather (She replaced her shampoo with green hair dye), Justin, Izzy, Noah, Ezekiel, Eva
Audition Tape: Sledding down her family's manison's winding staircase, and ending up crashing into the butler and Donald Trump, who was currently visiting
Personality: Not just a pretty face, smart, stylish, happy, willing to help, willing to get back at heather
Music: Taylor Swift
Favorite color: Pink, blue, or gold
Location: Upper East Side, NYC, New York, USA
Books: Twilight, Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Gallager Girls, Oh My Gods
TV: Total Drama Island, America's Next top model, american idol, 30 rock, the office, the bachelor
Movies: Baby Mama, New York Minute, Music and Lyrics
Skills: putting together super cute outfits, destroying Heather, being a expert spy, and calling her lawyer
Family: Mother, and Father, who owns an investment agency, and is an entrepuner (is that how you spell that?) her cat, alvin, and her guinea pig, oreo.
Grades: Straight A's
Weakness: Shoes, bossy, willing to make alliances
Story: Alette goes to a private school in the Upper East Side of Manhatten, for exceptional students (basically a school for rich kids to learn how to spend money and crash there parents sports cars, as she likes to say.) Her parents are never around much in her life, mom always at party's and events, and dad working. She frequently shops on 5th Avenue, and goes to Central Park for walks. She is on her i-phone alot. She frequently does outrageous things, sometimes to grab her parents attention, or just for fun. She's been all around the world, from Mt. Fuji to Cape of Good Hope. She is excessivly rich, and goes to many celebrity parties. She has Selena Gomez on speed dial. But, she's ready for something new, and wants to use the $100,000/$1,000,000 she wins for her charity, the Alette Banks Fund, which helps benefit children with cancer.
over a year ago 7thGradeGenius said…
Name: Brittanya
Gender: Female
Age: 14
Hair color: Brunette w/ gold and pink streaks
Hair type: Courtney's, except with a different fringe and puffier back
Skin color: Tanned
Eye color: Teal
Eye type: Wide like Courtney's, not relaxed
Favorite saying: You mess with my best friend, you die.
Height: 5'5''
Fitness: She benches 25/40s weights
Strengths: Pranking people, damaging other people's eardrums by singing really high, fixing damaged or broken relationships
Weaknesses: People cornering her, people annoying her, posers, spiders
Friends: Duncan, Bridgette, Trent, Gwen, Leshawna, Lindsay, Beth, Izzy, and Courtney
Best friends: Duncan, Courtney, and Izzy
Enemies: Pretty much every1 else :)
Crush(es): Duncan
Episode eliminated: N/A, since she's in an alliance with Duncan and Courtney. The only problem is, they think she's crazy, since she can see and speak to ghosts.
Fave song(s): Pretty Girl by Sugarcult, All For One from HSM2, and Here We Go Again by Demi Lovato
Audition tape: She is busy tying a rope around her enemy Douglas Jensen's ankles while hanging him from a thick tree branch, and preparing to whack him repeatedly with a stick.
Hobby: Poking things with a stick.

She is wearing a pink tube top and a white cuffed short jacket over it, white skinny jeans, and tall black boots. She never goes anywhere without wearing fingerless leather gloves. She loves to draw and sing, and is into posers, loners, and troublemakers (that explains the HUGE crush on Duncan :D). She will sit by a tree or behind the cabins and just sketch her feelings. She is a very nice girl, but is also unafraid to snap a bone when she needs to or should.

Brittanya comes from a long like of psychos and geniuses. Her IQ, being 708, mingles strongly with her passion for hanging upside down and doing pretzels when she gets bored. She is Izzy's favorite cousin and Courtney's BFF, and just happens to be dating Duncan's brother.

Brittanya is a huge - and I mean HUGE - fan of Duncan. She loves to prank other teens and kids, like Duncan, and has always had a record of not caring for school policies. She is a mischievous teenager, and, without getting in the way of the relationship between Duncan and Courtney, has become BFFs with Courtney, who now treats Brittanya like a sister.

Brittanya is a B+ student otherwise her vandalising behavior at high school, and usually is a class favorite for being the funniest girl. She absolutely loves ticking off Chris by humming in her head during him giving the instructions to the challenges. Her main goal in the show is destroying Heather's reign, but also to make sure her alliance stands strong.

Brittanya has many goals in life. She wants to be the next Vincent Van Gogh, but also wants to be the next Michael Jackson. Her friends have always asked her to sing or draw for them, and she hopes to form a band with Duncan and Courtney after this ratty backwash show is over.

I hope I didn't write too much, since I never shut up.

PS: This is me in real life.

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 Name: Brittanya Gender: Female Age: 14 Hair color: Brunette w/ gold and rosa, -de-rosa streaks Hair type: C
over a year ago xxXsk8trXxx said…
so, who won?
over a year ago TDILuver1 said…
Name: Katrina
Age: 16
Friends: Pretty much everyone except Heather and Ezekiel.
Enemys: Heather and Ezekiel.
Heres what she looks like p.s her name isnt Courtney I just 4got to do her name and i'm too lazy to do it now.
 Name: Katrina Age: 16 Friends: Pretty much everyone except Heather and Ezekiel. Enemys: Heather a
over a year ago Flo_and_Trent said…
Who won?!
over a year ago TDILova123 said…
Friends:Everyone on TDI(Except Beth and Justin)
Boyfriends:Duncan,Geoff(2 Boyfriends)They Know.XD
over a year ago CAITLYN_SU said…
Name: Lizzie
Age: 16
Hair: blonde wears a blue baseball cap
Eyes: green
Clothes: Heather's shirt and shorts but blue
Shoes: Cowgirl boots
Crush: Cody
Catch Phrase: I have rage of the Brooklyn type!
Home Town: Brooklyn, Massachusetts
Audition Tape: Doing Karate
Friends: Gwen, Lashawna, Bridgette
Team: Killer Bass
Instrument: Bass Guitar
Most Famous Line: I love you Cody with all my heart!
she is a melting pot of talent! She is a team player and is very nice!
over a year ago 7thGradeGenius said…
over a year ago Lydiara said…
Name:Luna Hair color:Pink,brown and green. Crush:Duncan Best Friend:Courtney Hairstyle:Long curly side bangs with regular short spiky bangs and short curly hair in back. Wears:Japanese schoolgirl mimicry top,with short,black,sparkly capris and Sailor Moon like boots only shorter with no moon. Acessories:Gold hoop earrings,short,black,lacey,fingerless gloves Hobbies:Playing video games,fashion designing,fortune telling,tarot card readings Favorite animal:Cat Favorite band:Maroon 5 Details:Loves to do anything artistic,can beat you at any level on DDR,is super smart and wears reading glasses temporarily.
over a year ago hippie316 said…
name: Alex
looks: long brown wavy hair, purple peace t-shirt, jean shorts, white tennishoes, hazel eyes
personality: hippie, tree hugger, loves animals, vegitarian, outgoing, loud,not afraid to speak her mind
likes: duncan but she doesn't know why he's completly wrong for her
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over a year ago sara789 said…
over a year ago god-of-love said…
age:16(im really 11)
b-day:november 12
eye color:green
hair color:brown
bff:courtney,bridgette,lindsay,katie,sadi­e,l­esh­awn­a,b­eth­,ge­off­, tyler,duncan,owen,izzy,cody,yeline,and melissa
ppl i hate:gwen and heather
likes to:draw,dance,sing,make up stories,ect
born in:costa rica but move to USA when i was 7
fav. color(s):black and pink
fav. movie:mr. and mrs.smith
fav. book:suddenly supernatural
ppl i think that r kool:all my friends!
fav. food:ice cream,and chocolate.
fav. drink:soda,and milkshakes
fav. tv show:tdi,tda,sabrina the teenage witch,10 things i hate about you,unwrapped,animal cops,sister sister,the nanny,icarly,ect.
fav. online games or website:IMVU,toontown,super secret,fanpop,hi5,youtube.

EXTRA:im a bad girl and i love with duncan.
im friends with alot of other ppl like sofie,ashley,ect. but this r my best friends.i met them at courtney's pool party,i met sofie and ashley when duncan toke me to his house(it was the best day ever).giny(me)likes bad boys.=o)

if u need anything more about me tell me.
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 name:giny age:16(im really 11) b-day:november 12 eye color:green hair color:brown love:duncan b
over a year ago Tdilover225 said…
Name: Danny Ortese
Gender: Male
Tdi And Tda Team: The Screaming Gophers And The Killer Grips
Place: 4th In Total Drama Island And 2nd In Total Drama Action
Age: 14
Iq: A Amazing Iq Of 238!
Face: Sparkling Light Blue Eyes, Shiny Black Hair, He Always Wears A Orangish Red Deathnote And Naruto Hat, And Usually Always Has On Strawberry Chap-Stick.
Clothes: A T-Shirt With TDI On It And Blue-Jeaned Shorts. Danny Also Has Blue Flip-Flops And White Jordans And His Socks Are Orange.
Height: 5 Foot 3
Weight: 146 Pounds
Personality: Danny Loves Playing The Guitar And Singing, He Also Loves Drawing, He Also Likes Being Freaky Also His Family Says He's A Sweetheart, And Loves Watching TV And Plays Video Games!
Favorite Show: Total Drama Island\Action, Deathnote, And Naruto
(That's Me!!!)
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over a year ago sara789 said…
IGNORE THAT HER NAME IS LILY her name is sara!!!she likes duncana and trent and her quoe is im the best so ill win.she is goth and she loves to sing is mostly scetchy she has black nails not that shes dirty its her nail polish loves animals dreams to be a rockstar is good at the eltric guitar also she is the hotest girl in her school.her friends are duncan trent bridgette izzy lindsay geoff gwen lawshana beth cody dj brook emily and she hates chef chris heather harold courtney and more people hobbies:singing drawing causing is her story of falling in love with day when i was walking i found duncan he was looking at me i smiled i said"so...are you taken??" he replied "no baby well i was but u won my heart"i kissed him he said"kinda weird i just met u and we fall in love!"yea it sure is i said then we met at tda and tdi....we are ingaged!!and she is goth went to juvanile.hear is her story..she lives in bostan with her family she ussally loves to talk trash and she picks out her own clothes in the store even if her mom dosent like them and when her mom buys her girly clothes she makes them goth and ripps them.she had to go to another school when she was 15 cuz was suspended when she was caught playing spin the bottle in the cafiteria with duncan and her friends and she was alao caught drinking beer once in the bathroom but she never drank it again.she rides an old motercycle here uncle gave her,she decorates it with skulls bad words well one bad word and she puts on goth stuff.she has 2 anoyying sisters.once she said to her youngest sister wich is 6 that if she jumps of the diving board into the 5 feet pool she will catch her but she didnt and her young 6 yr old sister,lizz drowned and went to the hospital.she ran away on her motercycle with her stuff and wentto duncans house but then they got caught drinking beer again and they went to juvanile for 1 month and she has 2 dogs,fang and is a little fight i had with my 12 year old sister, up daisy im tryn to talk with duncan!!daisy;well go talk with tthe stupid green headed guy on the phone some where else! dare you!duncan holds his fistsduncan:yea HOW DARE YOU!!!daisy:i!!!!!!!!!!!!!!icover her mouth and take out a knife from my pocket me:shut up or i will kill you!!even if i was on the phone with him i will still kill you.puts knife bak daisy:MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!!1my mom;what happened...omy gosh lily you are grounded!!!!and duncan i never want to see you near my sweet lily again!!duncan:really???well she said she is going to live with me in my house without my mom or dad or anybody!!she already has her stuff there!my mom:lily?....*cries* how can you do your mom!my mom runs out of the room as my sister follows her yelling"mom!!"so me and duncan leave to his new house my adition tape is how amazing i sing in real life i sing awesome belive me! and she stands up to her fears and somtimes she could be real nice!
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 IGNORE THAT HER NAME IS LILY her name is sara!!!she likes duncana and trent and her quoe is im the b
over a year ago TwilightFreak92 said…
Name: Luna Iyani Carlonzo
Real Name: Atsuko Kawahatchi
Age: 16
DOB: 7/19/93
Star Sign: Cancer
Chinese Zodiac Animal: Rooster
Personality: Not very social, calm, quiet
Hobbies: collecting seashells
IQ: 261
Lives: San Deigo, California
TDI Team: Killer Bass
TDA: Qualified
TDA team: Screaming Gaphers
Story: Luna was born in Japan to follow her parents heiritage. When she was only three, her parents where killed in a drive by shooting. After being in an orphanage for eight years, she was finally chosen to live with a poor Argentinean family in California. When high school came along, everyone thought she was a freak. No one wanted to be her friend.
Audition Tape
Luna: Is this thing on? Oh hi. I'm Luna. I want to be on Total Drama Island because I want to get away from the bullies in my area. Also, I want to be friends with other campers, and win the hundred grand. What would I do with the prize money? I would first use the money on my family and donate the rest for charity.
Luna's little bro Nico: Luna! Give me back my camera!
Luna: Wait!
Nico: No! NOW!
camera gets knocked down but still records
Nico: Look what you did! You knocked down my camera!
Luna: No! That was you!
Nico: I'm telling mom!
Luna: Okay. Go tell her. But if you do I will burn your allowance money and "Star Wars the Clone Wars" dolls.
Nico: They are action figures! I'm still telling mom.
Luna: Fine. Go tell mom. But don't come to me saying I didn't warn you!
Nico: Fine I won't tell! But you won't burn my things!
Nico runs out crying without his camera
camera gets put back on stand
Luna: Sorry about that. Please give me a call if you choose me for your show!

This is what Luna looks like
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 Name: Luna Iyani Carlonzo Real Name: Atsuko Kawahatchi Age: 16 DOB: 7/19/93 estrela Sign: Cancer Ch
over a year ago Mergalegirl said…
Name: Bailey
Dresses: kinda like a hippy, lots of bangles, baggy pants, converse that are tiedye black blue and white.Black finger nails

Hair: Super curly with electirc blue hightlights

Eyes: Golden Brown


Skin: creamy color

hates: heather

best buds with: izzy and gwen

loves to: write,sing, and kiss some new guy on the show named ronnie to make ducan jeaously, and hanging with her buds

team:killer bass

books: house of night novels

location: charlottesville, virgina

fav. color: purple

sbilings; brother, 18,edward, sister,15,alexandra

music: all

iQ: 290

Story: she lived in charrlottesville ,virginia all her life and wanted to get a new begainning. her mom is in jail and she lives with her aunt and uncle on a goat farm. she took the chance to wina million dollars so show could start over. actullay she and duncan are best buds with gwen. there like brothers and sister untill she turn 13 and she felt diffrent toward ducan but he dosen' know so yeah. now on total drama action.

over a year ago Mergalegirl said…
her friends are also lily, dj,cortney,trent, bridgette, lindsay ,geoff,lawshana beth, cody, brook, emily
over a year ago XxXAFI4everXxX said…
motto:If u don't wanna kno, don't ask
hair:Really short like an inch between her shoulder and end of hair. Dark brown with dark blue streeks.
Clothes: Black skinny jeans with a tight fitting t-shirt. Usually has a band name on it. Black converses and skull earings.
team:Killer Bass
hates:Justin & Heather
friends:Leshawana, Gwen, Duncan, Izzy, Owen, Geoff, DJ, Bridgette
BFFLs: Gwen, Duncan
sports:Feild Hockey, Softball
Dream job:A photographer
music:Rock, Punk Rock, Alternitive
band:AFI (She LOVES Davey...)
Fav songs; Days Of The Phoenix-AFI, Affliction- AFI, Flavor Of The Weak- American Hi-Fi, and Ignorance- Paramore
books:Undone, Princess Ai, The Dreaming
fav cancled show: Danny Phantom
lives in: NJ
personality: Ivy likes to relax and doesn't care wat any1 thinks about her. But she has a BIG crush on Duncan and gets all psazzy around him, but he understands. She is way in2 music and is always humming the tune to an AFI song. When she is not listening to music, going on the computer, or hanging out with Gwen and Duncan she is reading The Dreaming.

Fave AFI song: Days Of The Pheonix
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over a year ago rockzsanders said…
Ok, I have to ask...what's with everyone & the mega-high IQ's?! It's not possible, people. I'm just saying =/
over a year ago 7thGradeGenius said…
Oh, BTW, in real life, I'm wanted by the FBI! Yay, go me!
over a year ago bubblegum05 said…
Here's Miranda:

She is 16
Likes to run,burn stuff,talk and cook
loves her clothing,hates gwen
she is on the killer bass team
she has an alliance with izzy and lindsay

that's all i can say, HOPE YOU LIKE HER!!!
 Here's Miranda: She is 16 Likes to run,burn stuff,talk and cook loves her clothing,hates gwen she is
over a year ago courtneydog55 said…
name star. (beth sister). age 17. fav coler ice blue. loves beth boyfriend. hates barbie. love to be a winner
 name star. (beth sister). age 17. fav coler ice blue. loves beth boyfriend. hates barbie. amor to be
over a year ago TOTALFan said…
Eye color:Medium brown
Hair color:Dirty blonde/strawberry blonde, pink high lights
Skin:Almost Pale White
Team:Killer bass
Loves:Izzy(I'm insane like she is...=B)
Friends:Gwen, Beth, Lindsay, Lashawna, DJ, Duncan, Cody and Trent.
Audition tape:Challenging a black belt at Karate.
Elimination reason:Just being totally insane (LOL)
Elimination after coming back:Of course being insane...again(LOL..AGAIN)
Skills:Karate, computer hacking, drawing and singing.

Insane, silly, friendly, talkative and a little emo at times.
Favorite music:Punk rock, heavy metal, Alternative, hip-hop, pop and rap.

(I'm totally just like her!XD)
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 Name:Christy Age:11 Eye color:Medium brown Hair color:Dirty blonde/strawberry blonde, rosa, -de-rosa high light
over a year ago Fangirl99 said…
My Character [Me]
Name: Brooke
Teams Killer Bass Screaming Gaphers
Place in TDI: Final 5
BFFS: Gwen, Duncan, Courtney, Cody, leshawna, Bridgett Geoff, Izzy, Owen,, DJ, Tyler, and trent, and heather, and beth n lindsay
Quote: Whatever
Personality: Cool, likes to hang, shes likes to start trouble, acting and drumming
P.s Shes also a tomboy, and sometimes she gets really crazy.
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 My Character [Me] Name: Brooke Age:16 style:tomboy Teams Killer Ba
over a year ago taytrain97 said…
Did I respond yet? No, I didn't.
Here we go! Info time!

Name: Raynie Wood

Gender: Girl

Age: 17

Fave color: Orange

Zodiac sign: Aquarius (no matter what my mom says)

Nationality: Italian/American/Irish

Hobbies: Singing, writing stuff, drawing, and eating sugar

Favorite Musician: Nickelback and 3 Days Grace

Fear: Natural Disasters (tornadoes, volcanoes, earthquakes, even slight thunderstorms)

Loves: Reading, laughing, caffeine, Percy Jackson and the Olympians books, walking in the rain, talking with big words.

Hates: Sunlight, the color pink, non-caffeine zones, people who literally won't shut up or stop being overly joyous.

Formal: Long, orange and forest green gown, with a v-neck

Swimsuit: Black and orange tank top and shorts- type. It's floral and not too flashy =)

PJs: A big fat Nickelback t-shirt with shorts.

Her story:

She was born in 1992 in Iowa. Unlike most people, she was not interested in her state's history or even the fact that procrastination can give you Fs. She did pretty well in school until middle school (procrastination is a hard habit to break!). She was interested in art and things that could help her become more confident and creative. She met many people, but never had the confidence to ask them to sit with her, or ask a boy on a date. She had always had a low self-esteem. Most of the time, she'll plug her earbuds in, crank up her iPod and pull out a Percy Jackson and the Olympians book. She daydreams a lot and is not very social, but she managed to make many friends. She is an epic Noah and Izzy fan and often gets yelled at for not paying attention because she was thinking about them.
Oh, and when she gets mad she has a Southern accent xD
 Did I respond yet? No, I didn't. Here we go! Info time! *yaaaay* Name: Raynie Wood Gender:
over a year ago RocknRoxas13 said…
Personality:she's quiet and kind.she's a little lazy at times but she is very helpful and creative
Loves:anime,Kingdom Hearts,
Hair:black spikey hair (like Aqua from Birth by Sleep)
Dresses in black KH tee and stone washed jeans
Favorite music: heavy metal and rock
Favorite band(s): Paramore,Metalica,Evanesce-nce
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over a year ago Renarimae said…
Name: Evelynn
Age: 17
Hair: Bridgette's (though it's brown.) Eyes: Blue Dresses: Magenta tanktop with an orange short sleeve jacket and jeans Favorite Music: Pop and Rock Friends: Gwen, Lindsay, LeShawna, Owen, Duncan, Beth, Courtney, DJ, and Bridgette Enemies: Heather, Noah, Eva, and Sadie Team: Screaming Gophers
Reason for Elimination: She made her team lose the challenge
TDA: Qualified Audition Activity: Singing to pop music
TDA Team: Screaming Gaffers 1st Elimination Reason: She punched Heather in the face after she insulted her. Place:11th 2nd Elimination Reason: She destroyed some of the contestants' belongings in a fit of rage. Place:4th
TDWT: Qualified
TDWT Team: Team Victory
Elimination Reason: Cody and Maureen made her lose the challenge.
Place: 13th
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 Name: Evelynn Age: 17
over a year ago iluvdemilovato5 said…
How do you make these?I wanna know!
over a year ago Totaldramagirl said…
Name: Dawn
Hair colour: Black
Eye colour: Blue
Wearing: Pikachu T-shirt (White background and a pikachu on), A green Pikachu skirt (With pikachu on of course! Ynow the yellow boots that sometimes hannah montana weras if I was bovvered with her, Them too and green leggings.
Accessories: Green butterfly clip in her hair
Hair style: Very long hair up to the waist.
Skin type: Tanned fairly.
Hope yas all like her when I make her ;)
over a year ago Totaldramagirl said…
I dunno but wen I find out I will make mine. OR I'LL BITE MY OWN HEAD OFF :p
over a year ago Totaldramagirl said…
Oh and plus when I have finished my new Total Drama Islnad movie I'll let yas all know so u can all watch it! It'll be on youtube soon. I'll post a reply later when done and uploaded and I'll say what to type in the bar. Thx ppl bye! xxxx
over a year ago Totaldramagirl said…
over a year ago gwen2349 said…
her names is jasmine and she has gwen hair color and lindsay body and is 16 team screamin gophers loves duncan and trent eye color blue friends: everyone but heater
over a year ago legendary_clutz said…
Ella. she is a smart, shy blonde. she is talented. she loves to sing and won't stand for Heather and tries to help Lindsay out. She sent in a audition tape of her singing. she wears a light green tank top, Jean bramuda shorts and flip-fops. She was eliminated becuz of her shyness to do a compotition, and she got eliminated agian for getting in a fight with heather. she was in TDA. she has a bit of a crush on trent, but she and Ducan get along very well.
Friends: Leshawna, Bridgette, Izzy, katie and Sadie, Courtney, Lindsay, beth, everyone but heather. she is a bit afraid of gwen
advantages: is a team player.
Disadvantages: needs to learn to stand up for herself.
plz pick her
over a year ago CirqueDuFreak1 said…
Where From:Japan
Clothes:Purple vest,tie,Nice button shirt
Fav Color:Purple
Hair style and Color:Spikey,Silver
Fav Song:Gummy Bear Song lolz
Loves:Teddy Bears,Junjou Romantica(I do to)Misaki
Job:Writes Books

This is him
 Name:David Where From:Japan Agd:18 Clothes:Purple vest,tie,Nice button camisa Fav Color:Purple Ha