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zombie rp  tdiCxTlova18 54 3623 over a year ago
solar apocalypse RP  princess2109 3 620 over a year ago
Total Drama Pokemon  dxarmy423 10 996 over a year ago
Winter Wonderland RP  jadore_renard 362 5261 over a year ago
Total Drama Durarara  smartone123 14 386 over a year ago
total drama monster  bcthestrongest 1 241 over a year ago
My TDI comic sign ups  Courtneyfan214 24 1328 over a year ago
Drama in Empire City RP  dxarmy423 73 1737 over a year ago
Asylum for the Crazy and Criminally insane RP  dxarmy423 47 1315 over a year ago
comedians rp  vegeta007 1 69 over a year ago
Snowball fight rp girls V.S boys  Girlyloving32 3 192 over a year ago
Total Drama Killer  obssesedTDIgirl 803 16954 over a year ago
Total Drama Crazy  zeebem10 10 2085 over a year ago
Snowball fight rp girls V.S boys  Girlyloving32 0 163 over a year ago
Snowball fight rp girls V.S boys  Girlyloving32 0 71 over a year ago
♥♪Christmas RP♪♥  obssesedTDIgirl 57 5049 over a year ago
Just Anotherrrrr aleatório RP :3  Courtneyfan785 8 451 over a year ago
Pirates VS Nobles RP  princess2109 147 2173 over a year ago
power rangers td  vegeta007 1 390 over a year ago
heroes and Villains RP  dxarmy423 277 7540 over a year ago
Animal Lover RP  princess2109 5 877 over a year ago
making fancouples!!!!  tdiCxTlova18 0 145 over a year ago
Total drama high school  tdiCxTlova18 179 5872 over a year ago
Total Drama School RP <3 :3  poophead4837ext 6 164 over a year ago
Total Drama Detention!  moolah 425 6304 over a year ago
Mythical RP  obssesedTDIgirl 775 17235 over a year ago
sleep over rp!  nymph_tonks 93 3104 over a year ago
TDP-woman's correctional prison  smartone123 258 2975 over a year ago
Total Drama anjos VS Demons  smartone123 22 9858 over a year ago
Another RP. Yeah...  ReneeKetchum 12 267 over a year ago
RPness .3.  jadore_renard 51 2093 over a year ago
RP for People who like RPing ;D  obssesedTDIgirl 61 1998 over a year ago
School RP?  obssesedTDIgirl 581 11932 over a year ago
Total Drama jovens bruxas  princess2109 26 1965 over a year ago
Total dramma saints!  aprilacne 29 1425 over a year ago
Japão RP <3  Strawberry0020 0 325 over a year ago
School Time RP  Seastar4374 48 1921 over a year ago
Fallout Down from the Sky: Survival RP  thecodebreaker 88 2183 over a year ago
Wannna be in this picture? Boys only  Jackifrost 8 973 over a year ago
RP  Seastar4374 5 174 over a year ago
Generic RP number 364 (an estimated number)  jadore_renard 1291 22240 over a year ago
~Playa Des Loser RP~  taytrain97 551 16420 over a year ago
Stranded RP  T-RP-A 1291 23490 over a year ago
spin the bottle rp!!  tdiCxTlova18 13 443 over a year ago
Total Drama Country.  Seastar4374 147 2434 over a year ago
Party Hard RP  ReneeKetchum 44 1032 over a year ago
total drama anything  puppypink18 0 54 over a year ago
Gangsta RP =3  Strawberry0020 0 131 over a year ago
vampiros RP 2  Strawberry0020 124 3514 over a year ago
Total drama slumberpartaay rp  Pinkkatluv32 4 327 over a year ago
Total Drama Moon  keshagonnablow 11 595 over a year ago
Island Vacation RP  obssesedTDIgirl 371 12056 over a year ago
Total Drama Zombieland  taytrain97 2531 41634 over a year ago
vampiros RP  ladylyric_812 264 6158 over a year ago
TDP-mens prison  smartone123 0 277 over a year ago
Soul Reaper Academy-rp  smartone123 5 312 over a year ago
House of Anubis RP  zanesaaomgfan 34 765 over a year ago
Total Drama Haunted  aprilacne 336 7496 over a year ago
Some aleatório RP! :3  RavenRox2 28 954 over a year ago
Partying, Partying Yeah! RP  jadore_renard 357 4965 over a year ago
Total Drama Harry Potter  smartone123 460 7931 over a year ago
Blood status: a Harry Potter Total Drama OC RP  jadore_renard 13 2644 over a year ago
TlDDP  aprilacne 92 1469 over a year ago
Td Brilhante Victoria  Pinkkatluv32 0 453 over a year ago
Hiking/camp trip RP  jadore_renard 179 2954 over a year ago
TDI hunger games (if u signed up)  smartone123 138 3160 over a year ago
TDP  smartone123 49 1212 over a year ago
Total Drama Africa!  aprilacne 0 81 over a year ago
Total Drama Dead Rising RP  dxarmy423 54 1867 over a year ago
camping rp.  Seastar4374 119 1784 over a year ago
Final Destination-ish/ Kill RP? XD  T-RP-A 0 59 over a year ago
Total Drama WTFN (Why The F**k Not)?! (RP forum)  DuncansMyLuv14 15 397 over a year ago
School Rp!~ :D  iloveduncan6 95 1375 over a year ago
animê rp!  nymph_tonks 3 231 over a year ago
TDROPA(Total Drama Rise of Planet Apes)  smartone123 0 111 over a year ago
Total drama Comedy Center  smartone123 1 143 over a year ago
animê rp!  nymph_tonks 0 352 over a year ago
Total drama slumberpartaay rp  Pinkkatluv32 0 169 over a year ago
Total Drama Stardom RP  ReneeKetchum 1 314 over a year ago
Total drama atla rp  Pinkkatluv32 5 227 over a year ago
td sharkboy & lavagirl rp  Pinkkatluv32 2 568 over a year ago
td sharkboy & lavagirl rp  Pinkkatluv32 0 435 over a year ago
td sharkboy & lavagirl rp  Pinkkatluv32 0 102 over a year ago
Total drama dawn of the dead  Pinkkatluv32 0 193 over a year ago
rp TOTAL DRAMA ISLAND  smartone123 14 490 over a year ago
Faries RP  princess2109 2 138 over a year ago
Total Drama Hangover  smartone123 5 206 over a year ago
Total Drama X (an X-Men- TDOC cruz over RP)  jadore_renard 467 7782 over a year ago
Total Drama Vamps vs. lobos  Seastar4374 3123 58110 over a year ago
Memories RP  obssesedTDIgirl 7 612 over a year ago
total Drama High  smartone123 9 242 over a year ago
Cheerleading Rp Anyone?  iloveduncan6 41 1030 over a year ago
I am getting bored so I am ganna start another roleplay  mindy890 26 948 over a year ago
Haily V.S Jason!  aprilacne 215 3305 over a year ago
pokemon trainer rp!  nymph_tonks 111 2601 over a year ago
TDO(Total Drama Overload)  smartone123 2 396 over a year ago
Playa Des Losers (TDO)  smartone123 0 142 over a year ago
Another Radical RP X3  obssesedTDIgirl 24 265 over a year ago
Total Drama Charades  moolah 11 236 over a year ago