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 Janet...b4 the accident-will she ever be the same?
Janet...b4 the accident-will she ever be the same?
"hey! guys, wait 4 me!" doces shouted, the topo, início modelos were late for a fotografia shoot-but where were the other girls?
"What?! Oh, Candy! Hey! We were just about to call you!" replied Lexi.
So they decided to carry on walking closer to the studio where their fotografia shoot was due; standing at the door were the rest of the TOPmodels with relieved faces.
"Why the worry faces? We're not that late!"
"Turns out Annabelle (TOPmodel enemy) txted us that you guys had quit being a TOPmodel!"Christy whispered.
"and you fell for it?" doces asked, eyebrow raised up slightly, biting her lip which was smothered...
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