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Article by P0k3m0nMagic posted over a year ago
fan of it?
Of course, the March 2010 movie, "How To Train Your Dragon", was a phenomenal hit, striking amor in the hearts of every age. The main reason was most likely to be the dragons; mais specifically, Toothless the Night Fury.

In the movie, Toothless is an extremely rare, intelligent breed of dragon called "Night Fury". To kill on was close to impossible, and no one has ever seen one and lived to tell of it. In the book por Cressida Cowell, which the movie is loosely based on, he is portrayed as a Common Garden Dragon, with green skin and red wing membranes. He is also much smaller than the movie Toothless; book Toothless can easily rest on Hiccup's shoulder.

Toothless in seen as being quite dog-like when docile, with his pupils rounder, and apparently likes to imitate Hiccup's movements and habits, such as using a small árvore to "draw" with as Hiccup did when he drew Toothless. He has shown that he has a superior ability in battle, taking on the Monstrous Nightmare and winning just to save Hiccup.