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The fans pick: yes!
The fans pick: Truth or Consequences
The fans pick: Yes, and I liked it.
The fans pick: We're not stupid tony!! of course ur thinking about ziva!
We&# 39; re not stupid tony!! of...
He coulda fooled me!
The fans pick: wedding (cuz it's soo gunna happen anyway)
wedding (cuz it&# 39; s soo gunna...
werth and tony verbal...
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Gibbslet said …
I am The Gibbslets On If anyone wants to read my Tiva + Team story Breaking 12 feel free. mais tiva in the works! Posting 3 new storys today! Posted over a year ago
emma07891 said …
plzz vote for ziva....she is losing vote now!!!
link Posted over a year ago
NCIS_number1 commented…
SHE WON!!!! YAY!!!! over a year ago
big smile
tonyziva1234 said …
That was totally a date...right? Maybe? Well, just to be safe, I don't call it that around her...

Fifty Things, Chapter 10 por DemonClowSorceress on Posted over a year ago