oi did you hear about the dia April 15 1912 the dia that the most long and best ship called the titanic when the titanic was on there way to New York city but on April 15 1912 at 2 o clock they crash into a iceberg then they sank in the bottom of the ocean it was all over the world it was on a lot of news and in newspaper it was so sad and good for the people that made it and went to New York but in 1997 a group of people going to find the titanic in August they look everywhere but they found it they also found died bodies on the broken ship and the mud they also found a persons bones on the broken ship when they found the titanic they had a robot name JJ it took lots of pictures and vídeos it also took pictures of the died bodies and items they all found in the broken ship everyone was done with the found look but on that ano they made a movie called the titanic with a boy name Jack and a girl name Rose then 5 years atrás they make a movie called titanic 2 it about a ship called titanic 2 and hits a iceberg and sinks to the about of the ocean and a couple people died a lot made so there is your news for the dia about the Titanic.