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The fans pick: batman
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blackshade said …
*sigh* I haven't been on for a while anyway oi guys what's happening I need a mission and I'm really bored Posted over a year ago
Kid_Flash said …
Any new mission?? I'm starting to get bored... Posted over a year ago
blackshade commented…
dido over a year ago
blackshade said …
hai guys well.....I got my butt kicked por some idiot who calls himself ...oh what was his name........oh it was Derek kept sayin he had orders from this luthor guy......da well seguinte time i'll be ready Posted over a year ago
Kid_Flash commented…
is there anything we could do to help? over a year ago
blackshade commented…
oh well guess i'm going alone over a year ago
blackshade commented…
thanks flash for helping me get this derek guy over a year ago