The X-Files piXure game :)

Doodlebug81 posted on Aug 31, 2012 at 06:57PM
I saw this on other spots and thought it might be fun here too :)
The rules are simple
Person A ask for a pic, Person B post that pic and then ask for another.
A: pic of Mulder with a gun
B:*posts pic*
B: pic of Dana Scully
...and so on...

You dont have to make or edit the pics, stuff you find from the internet is fine.
Before u ask for a picture, please make sure it exists, and if no one posts it within a couple of days, go ahead and post it and ask for a new one. :)

Hope everybody has fun! ...

(Californication pic game link)

(Bones pic game link)

(X-Files quote game link)
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