To say that I was disappointed in the latest X Files movie would be an under statement. However, I will say that it was great to see Mulder and Scully again... But, the bittersweet sense that I was handed a plateful of empty promises looms in my mind. This movie was a far cry from what it should have and could have been! (And I respect those who loved it...this is not a film bashing rant!)

After much deliberation with myself and my partner, also a huge fan, I was thinking that perhaps C Carter needs some inspiration from people who actually care about these characters? And perhaps some semblance of continuity in these stories? Why not launch a procurar for someone who comes up with the best story idea for the seguinte film?

I fear that the obvious FLOP factor of the film may make it difficult for the creator to fathom trying this again. The negative feedback may be a turn off to distribution companies and even the two stars of the series!!! Thus the reason for my suggestion. I mean, who better knows what they want to see? Or where they want the story to pick up? Or what characters should return? Whatever turns you on as fan!!!

I have a few decent ideas of what I feel the seguinte X Files should be about. I am sure fãs out there have fantastic ideas of their own... So what would it hurt?

Talk to me!!!