Dear Chris Carter,
I just wanted to give you a full denunciar on your latest X-Files movie: Great cop story, weak X-File. I assume agents Doggett & Reyes were busy with mais important things that the FBI didn't find them for this case. You had 6 years to come up with this storyline? And whose idea was it to cast Xzibit in this? We haven't seen atuação like that since Mr. T was in the A Team! Oh, and that slam on President arbusto, bush and J. Edgar Hoover. I'll make you a deal: you and Gillian and David keep us seguro from little green alien invaders and let real men protect us from the scum that inhabit this Earth! As I see it you have only one mais chance to produce and write an X-File that we fãs can really enjoy or you are going to have to put this cachorro, filhote de cachorro to bed. For good! Don't get me wrong. Me and the one other person in the theater really enjoyed the show. It's just maybe you can give X3 a little mais thought!!!