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Anyone who knows what a chocobo is...

I writed a haiku about them XD :

Great, big, yellow birds
Running fast through the highroad
Wish that could be me

lol XD
 DJ_Squeaky posted over a year ago
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orangeturnip said:
i amor chocobos
i have one parked out side
oh wait thats just a dirty pigeon
i know its not his thought his dirt
its our rubbish and pollution that make them filth
anyway back to the majestic buety that be the chocobo

here are some pictures of them
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posted over a year ago 
i don't think i got the hang of the limitations bestowed upon you por the humble haiku
orangeturnip posted over a year ago
Lol, I don't think you quite got it either, nice chocobo pics though :)
DJ_Squeaky posted over a year ago
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