One sunday,the Winx girls have organised a picnic in Selvafosca,Roccaluce,together with specialist to have some fun with them.They plays,laughs,play with ball and others.It was afternoon and the group,or mais correct Flora said the others to go because it's been dark and they will better go home,but the others don't accept.Flora said that in the dark with the moon come,terrible and scary animais appear.
"Ok,but wait and just 2 minutes"says Riven that will play voleyboll with Musa and he attack with a strong ball.
"Hey!It's not fair!I want the victory!You.."
To be for this,they will start the game again with monsters.Gived up,Flora was clean the things from picnic.She think to go help to Helia,but the specialist was drawing a picture with carbon and she decided to not disconnect from the picture.
Flora cleans all and she decided to call her friends for the segundo time but something move.She saw to the bush.The leaves arbusto, bush moves with energy.Is something in there.The arbusto, bush makes "Pshu".Flora tried to not scream.What could be in there?To arbusto, bush looks a little squrriel but he is green with wings back,like all animal in Magix.
"Hi,little squrriel!"said Flora"You was the thing that makes'pshu'?"
The squrriel,to answer this question,change the color from green to brown.
"ah,you are great to change colors!For you to hide in forest must be so easy!"Said she.
The squrriel jump to grab the necklack of Flora that have been a gift from her boyfriend,Helia.
"Hey,you come back here!Now!"scream Flora.
But the animal don't come back.
Winx girls and specialists are been so far that Flora need help from them.She follow the esquilo that grab the necklack.It was so hard to follow the squrriel cause he change colors.Flora ordering the plants and flores to mover that she can run.

The necklack it was the first gift from Helia.The necklack was very important to Flora.Flora was going to encontro, data with Helia,and she get a card with rhyme:
The sweet fairy of my heart
In my coração you have a important part
If you come to 4 clock
In the árvore of lovers
With a beautiful gift will recovers

The coração of Flora was beating fast.The árvore of apaixonados was in the ceter of the park of Magix and was the favourited place for lovers.They give one to one amor down to the tree.Chatta,that was leitura the letter,said:"Flora,you find a boyfriend!You find a boyfriend!"
"Haha,you are a pixie very loud.But I hope you are right!"Said Flora.
Flora goes to the date.Helia is here and waiting the fairy.He smile:
"How beautiful you are!"said he.
"Thanks,and you are a great poet!"Said the fairy.
"This is for you"said Helia.
"Oh,thanks very much!"said she blush.

For a little bit days,it was the anniversary of that moment.Flora wants to wear the necklack.And she decided to get the necklack...

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P.S. for those who didn't read The Gift and Sophie's entrance in the Winx club,please read!

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