Standing out on the balcony she was looking at the beautiful view Alfea had. She instantly wondered if this was the most beautiful view there was, and for her, yes it was. The sky was lit por the splendor of the moon, spreading out like the sea. The moon went up high in the sky, and nowhere did it abide; Softly she was going up, and a estrela or two beside. -Beautiful- She thought as her delicate hands covered her mouth from a yawn. It was late, and time to go to sleep but she just couldn't take her eyes off the beautiful scenery. She walked into the room and found her friend sleeping. She yawned one last time before laying down on her bed, covering herself warmly and right before going to sleep, thinked about how tomorrow would be like, until she finally closed her eyes.

"Flora wake up" Her eyes began to open as she could see her friend smiling happily at her while shaking her arms. "What is it Musa?" she responded very calmly at her friend. "Do you know what today is?" She asked very rollicking "Summer vacations" Flora said slowly not knowing if that was the answer Musa was looking for "Yes! AND what does that mean?" the fairy of música asked once mais very joyful while standing in front of Flora as she sat up on her cama "Fun...." She said slowly again -gosh, Musa is sometimes hard to guess- she thought to herself. "It means we're going to visit our parents and remember you told Helia to be here..." She waited for Flora's response so she could continue, Flora gently nodded "well... He's right now outside waiting for you" Flora took a glance at the clock when she finally realized she was late, she had woke up very lately. "Oh my- what am I going to do? It's very late and I haven't even packed my clothes up" she looked worried, Flora stood up and began to pack her things up. "Flora..." Flora looked at her roommate "Let me handle this, okay? You go take a shower" she took the piece of clothing Flora had in her hand. Flora smiled at her and nodded "Thanks Musa" she said looking at her directly in the eyes. "That's what friends are for" she responded while picking up the clothes Flora had left on the floor.

Flora had taken a fast chuveiro and got dressed as soon as possible, she thanked Musa once again and left almost running through the corridors until she finally opened the doors and found Helia waiting outside in the spaceship. Flora looked astonished to see just only Helia and none other specialists. "Let me help you with this" a blue-haired boy who had the bearing of a Greek statue loaded her bags up into the spaceship. After helping her, he took a step closer to Flora who was looking at Alfea one last time before going, Helia hugged her from behind and without saying nothing, together they enjoyed the beautiful view for a moment.

It was hard to guess if they were there for a long or short time cause it was so beautiful you couldn't think of anything else.

"Let's go" her boyfriend took her por the hand and together they walked inside the spaceship. She took a little glance at the view and turn around to leave Alfea. During the flight, they did not speak but only crossed eyes full of amor and happiness. After a long silence, Helia's phone rang, and he carefully took it out of his pocket and saw the name of Stella on the screen "I guess this is for you" he passed to her the phone, and Flora answered then "Hello Stella?" She waited for an answer "Hello Flora, where are you?" She asked in a loudly voice "I'm.... I'm with Helia going to Linphea. Why? Is there any problem?" She asked curiously "Apparently, there is no problema but there is a boy asking for you right here outside of Alfea" you could hear little voices behind her "who is asking for me?" "I don't know, he says his name is Karel. Do you know any Karel?" Her blonde friend asked her trying to calm down the girls por her side. "Karel? No, not that I remember. What he wants from me?" Helia gave her a curious glance like trying to figure out what she was talking about. "I don't know, he only says that he wants to see you" Flora didn't know him and why was the purpose to see her so she asked if he was there so she could talk to him "I'm sorry, but he leaved already. But boy, he seemed so familiar, like I have seen him before" Flora didn't respond "Flora..." Stella waited "uuh?" "Be careful, that guy seems like a psycho" Flora was lost in her own thoughts, who?why? What that guy wanted from her? "Hello? Flora?" "Uuum... Yeah Stella, I will" and with that she hung up. Helia looked at her for respostas but Flora didn't even knew the respostas herself. She tried to remember if she ever met or help any guy with the name Karel but she failed remembering. Helia didn't ask Flora nothing, but you could see the intensity in his eyes to know what had Stella told her about a "Karel". But she never spoke to him anything about that during the flight to Linphea.

Finally, they arrived to the planet of Linphea. Helia helped Flora with the bags. They walked for about 10 minutos long, with full of leafy trees that danced to the sound of the wind, and colorful fragrant flowers, that could give you an addiction to their perfume.

Suddenly they started to hear the steps of someone running behind the trees and bushes. Flora got scared while Helia tried to follow the shadow of the mysterious person but it was to fast. "Who is it?" The blue-haired boy asked screaming at the mysterious shadow "COME OUT!! It's not funny" he was getting serious about it.

But then, someone began to walk out of the shadows to their direction, from far away it seemed an enormous person but when it came mais closely they noticed it was.....

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