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Stella:hey bloom bloom I gotta tell you something look
Bloom:look what??
Stella:here see I examined the potion and turns out its just juice
Bloom:so sky really did amor her!?
Stella:I'm afraid so sorry bloom
Flora:*wakes up*hey where's musa??
Stella:oh she went to the hospital this morning and turns out the potion was really a drink -_-
Flora;what soo you mean that sky....is..????
At sky's castle....
Sky:*walks to parents*father,mother I don't want to marry Diaspro I don't amor her that much
Sky's parents:sure son you don't have to but if u want to Mary someone else it cannot be bloom!
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6. Bloom: no surprise she was eliminated in round 1 because only one person voted for her and didn't say anything about why she is relate-able in the fãs eyes. The only reason I could see her being relate-able is she was adopted, went to a new school and believe in fairies, myths, legends, and fairy-tales as a kid which most of us did.

5. Layla: she was eliminated from the competition in round 2 because the reason she was considered relate-able is that she is sporty, athletic and stands out from the rest. Some fãs may be able to relate to her if the do some form of a sport from any range from...
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Notes : I'm done with part one! Here's part two.


The Winx were having a picnic at Sandy Growl Beach..
"This is so much fun having a picnic with you, Stella." praised Liliane. " Oh Liliane! I just wish somehow I could go to Valeria and stay there with you," said Stella.
" Valeria?" Musa was confused. " Look, you don't understand. We were separated when we were born, I was sent to a planet called Valeria, she was sent to Solaria so we miss each other very much. The guards won't let someone from the other realm go to Valeria,"...
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"Now class, if you mix sparkle powder with encantada sea weed, blend it and spray a mini flagon's worth on your self what would it make?" Asked professer Whizgiz as he used chalk to scribble the equationes, which made a high pitched squeek againest the tedious, plain blackboard.
The class of freshman fairys placed their hands tightly on their ears.
"It is a very boring potionology lesson?" Asked a spikey ginger haired student called Prudence, who was a tornado and whirl wind fairy.
The flock of first years tried to hold in thier giggles, so much thier faces had gone bright crimson, untill all...
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