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This o clube das winx fotografia contains anime, banda desenhada, manga, desenhos animados, mangá, and quadrinhos.

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winx club
season 5
episode 26
the end of tritannus
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Tom and Riven started to fight each other, and then the boys came to the rescue. Sky try to push Riven apart,and Brad to Tom.

Sky: Riven stop!!
Riven: He's not gonna get away with this, you don't touch my girlfriend ever again or I will..
Brad: What? What you gonna do about?
-Musa stepped in-
Musa: Nobody is gonna do something. I'm tired of you Riven, I'm tired of you treating me like you want
-Musa said screaming and letting the tears came down-
Riven: That's not true Musa, I... I amor you
-Then the police arrived-
Police: What is happening here young boys?
Musa: Fighting for non-sense that's all
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 The new winx!Lisa,Sunshime,Angelica,Rosena,Siobhan,Faina,Terra+The New Trix Kristina,Sabbra,Liana!!!!
The new winx!Lisa,Sunshime,Angelica,Rosena,Siobhan,Faina,Terra+The New Trix Kristina,Sabbra,Liana!!!!
-----(Hope u enjoy------

(The girls r now quite shocked but not Lisa,she was yelling)

Lisa;No way!That's not possible.
Ms Faragonda;But it is!So u might as well expect it!
Ms Faragonda;I am sorry,nothing to do.

(Just then their moms appear)

Stella;Girls,what r u doing here?
Musa;Girls,tell me straight what happened.
Lisa;Wait,is it not u whu shud be talking?
Lisa;Enough,now talk!
Terra:About this whole magic dimension thingy!!!!
Faina:U thought u cud hide it from us........
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These are on Nick only, including season 5's!!

Winx Club

Seasons 1 (60 minuto specials)

101    Jun-27-2011    Winx Club
102    Aug-1-2011    Revenge of the Trix

Seasons 2 (60 minuto specials)

201    Sept-18-2011    The Battle for Magix
202    Oct-16-2011    The Shadow Phoenix

Season 3

301    Nov-14-2011    The Perfect Dress
302    Nov-15-2011    Valtor's Plan
303    Nov-16-2011    Monster's...
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So lots of people are complaining about Bloom being always the main character, taking the spotlight always away, I was mais than happy to see that the season 4 wasn't all about her again.

But now, now that is coming season 5 this are my opinions that I would really like to see in this new season.

First of all, I hope Bloom isn't the main character again U_U Come on, it has being all about her, she found out that she was adopted, shes always in problems, every bad guy wants her powers, she found out she was a princess, she has a boyfriend who now is the King of Uraklion (Am I right?), her and...
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