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This o clube das winx fotografia contains anime, banda desenhada, manga, desenhos animados, mangá, and quadrinhos.

lose your eyes
And open your heart
Believe in yourself
That's how it starts
Dreams will come true
Just wait and see
Cause the magic's in you
And the magic's in me

We are the winx
We are the winx
Come cadastrar-se the club
We are the winx
We are the winx
We are the winx
Come cadastrar-se the club
We are the winx

Magical flowers
Digital Powers
Rhythms and tunes
The sun and the moon
Keep on searching far and wide for
The fogo burning deep inside

We got the style
And we got the flare
Look all you want
Just don't touch the hair

We are the winx
We are the winx
Come cadastrar-se the club
We are the winx
We are the winx
We are the winx
Come cadastrar-se the club
We are the winx!
posted by FloraBoricua
Previous Chapter: Flora was going to the village when someone blindfolded her with that person's hands. It turns out to be Chatta and Layla. They wanted an explication of what happened between Helia and her. They went to Flora's house and Rose and Chatta became friends. When Layla, Chatta and Rose were at the Magical Garden, Flora had some unexpected visits; Helia and Karel.

"uuum... guys, don't fight" Flora said looking at the floor in embarrassment. "Helia this is Karel, Karel this is Helia" she presented them. Helia and Karel were looking at each other with an intensity in their eyes. If...
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posted by FloraBoricua
anterior Chapter: After Helia leaved Flora, Flora went to walk outside and was very sad about the situation that had just happened. She sat below a árvore and almost got to sleep when someone appeared and called her name. It was Karel, someone from the past. After almost kissed, Flora decided to go to her house cause it was late, Karel accompany her. When they finally got there, she said goodbye and after being with Karel, she started thinking about him. Then, she founds her sister waiting for her worried in the living room. What Rose has to say?

Flora stood there for a moment thinking about...
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posted by Rainflowers
Okay, I felt bad about not finishing this story, so here it is the end of Personality! I had a lot of fun composição literária this story and I’m sorry it took me so long to finish. :) Hope you enjoy this! ~ RainFlowers

Previously on Personality . . .

Tecna gasped as she read the note, causing her friends to come and look over her shoulder. Layla was the only one who didn’t start to cry, instead she stated, “We need to find Flora.”

Now on Personality . . .

Flora ran as fast as she could through the dark forest. “Try and Catch me Kembal!” She yelled over her shoulder to the evil wizard chasing...
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posted by FloraBoricua
Standing out on the balcony she was looking at the beautiful view Alfea had. She instantly wondered if this was the most beautiful view there was, and for her, yes it was. The sky was lit por the splendor of the moon, spreading out like the sea. The moon went up high in the sky, and nowhere did it abide; Softly she was going up, and a estrela or two beside. -Beautiful- She thought as her delicate hands covered her mouth from a yawn. It was late, and time to go to sleep but she just couldn't take her eyes off the beautiful scenery. She walked into the room and found her friend sleeping. She yawned...
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posted by FloraBoricua
The seguinte dia at Alfea in Winx room

Stella: I miss Flora
Every girl: Me too
Layla: I just can't be here and think that we don't know if Flora is coming back after we told her that things back in Amazonia, and the news about Diana being her mother and Helia getting married
Tecna: But, what we can do? We don't have any clue of her where to be
Bloom: Your right. I just hope she's okay
-every girl nodded-
-Diana suddenly appeared-
Diana: I know how we can know about Flora
-Every girl jumped from where they were sitting-
Bloom: How?
Diana: I'm the Fairy of Nature
-Then Stella continue talking-
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Layla:What Happend is it a black out?
Stella:Don't worry everything will be alright i promise
Bloom:It was just a black out is not so bad..
Tecna: wait i thought the electricity was powered por magic
Flora:this is unusal
Stella: Hello! Magic! Anything is possible
Layla: But i don't think this would happen
Bloom: Wait where is Musa?
Stella : did you her she said "I'm going out to sleep see ya"
Bloom: oh right!
Flora: I think we should tell headmistress fairygonda!
The girls go to the headmistress office
Bloom: headmistress? we got something to say to you
Fairygonda: What?
Fairygonda turned into a zombie
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posted by Rainflowers
jasmim tried to stay calm, but the pool of blood forming around Kristina was frightening. “I think we should try to mover her.” jasmim stated, surprised at how calm her voice was. She looked back and forth between her roommates and the Red fonte boys. She saw charlotte crying silently and clenching her brother’s shoulder from behind. tolet, violet was kneeling seguinte to her trying to stop the bleeding. “One of you,” She said pointing towards the Red fonte boys, “Tear off a piece of your cape and give it to me.” She finished and jasmim watched as the one with dark blue hair tore...
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posted by Rainflowers
    Previously on Personality . . .

Flora felt her self brake down whenever Sky finished. She sighed. Why me? she thought. The others quickly began to discuss battle options. She sighed again listening for a while before cutting in. "No," She said in listen to me tone. "I'm going to fight Kembal, and I'm going to fight him alone.”

When Layla finally recovered from hearing Flora say she was going to fight Kembal alone, she yelled out, “Flora, you can’t he’s too powerful!” After she said that everyone else finally seem to come through to reality. Flora shook her head,...
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Musa and Flora looked and saw the Trix

Musa: What do you want from us?
Icy: That's very simple
-Icy threw them a Big ice, and then they see that they were in danger and turn into there winx-

Stormy: Your not going anywhere

-Flora try to fly away but it was too late when Stormy hit her in the back, then she fell to the floor and Musa was all alone-

Musa: FLORAAA!!!
Darcy: Don't worry, soon she would be sleeping forever

-When trying to fight the three witches back, she didn't have mais strength left and then Icy was going to finish her up when a laser string came to the rescue-...
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 Megan in her Believix!
Megan in her Believix!
I just wanted 2 let the readers know that I'm gonna start calling the FF "Jinx Club" since its about the Fairy Group the Jinx Club! So if u have any ideas or suggestions for this story plz let me know, and I'll try to make them happen! Thanks for reading, Zmidy313

Julie:*staring out the window, thinking about what she did to Dakota*

Lilly:*on the computer, researching info about Solaria*

Anne:So Lilly what was Mangrin talking about when he said u were part of the Royal Family in Solaria?

Lilly:I dont know, and I dont believe it! I was born in the Dark Realm, and thats that.

Aqua:But if u were born...
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 Professor Wiz Giz asked me to stay and be an example for a class of Freshman. . .
Professor Wiz Giz asked me to stay and be an example for a class of Freshman. . .
Every Other Day

Flora picked up her green with rosa, -de-rosa flores watering can and begann to water her flowers. She smiled glad it was a Friday, and glad she had a few minutos alone before the other Winx Girls came back and started talking about their day. And then ater anout an hora of talking Stella freaking out about thier group date. Then, right on cue, the Winx CLub came strolling in talking and giggling loudly.

Stella's dia was not going good. First she failed a pop teste por Professor Wiz Giz, then she was late to Garzelda's class, earning her and the rest of the class a lecture about pucuality....
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posted by Rainflowers
I know I said I'd have this up por thrusday, but with school and after school activities, I didn't have time to write. :( Sorry about that.


Bloom: I hope Flora's okay.

Tenca: I'm sure she'll be fine.

Musa: Ya, don't worry Bloom. She'll be out in no time.


Nurse: Hi girls, are you here to see Flora?

Bloom: Yes, is she awake?

Nursse: You're in luck, she just woke up. She's still very weak, so please don't excite her to much.

Stella: Of course not Nurse!

*Winx head into resting area*

All(But Flora): Flora!

Layla:How are you feeling?

Flora: Tired, but...
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 The group inspiring our young heroes!Our former girls!
The group inspiring our young heroes!Our former girls!
Hey guys,here is part 2 of another winx adventure.

The girls are in Nikki's room,chatting,eating etc.

"I'm bored",said Nikki scratching her elbow.

"We aren't very savvy either Nikki",shouted Cindy.

"What should we do?",questioned Lilly.

"I have a cool idea!",her eyes brightened shouted May.

"And what may that be?",asked Lorinna.

"Don't tell me,we are gonna dance the dia through?",laughed Rebecca and Cindy.

"I was preferring introduction",said Irine.

'Good idea,let's talk!",replied Ella....

The girls are talking about themselves....

"My name is Nikki Hearts.I'm the princess of Elemecika,I have the powers...
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I was BORED TO DEATH!!I wanted to post some song lyrics,because I didn't had what to do.Hope you like the songs!

1-This song is from Magical Adventure.

Winx club adesso é qui
Ed é súbito allegria
Guarda e capirai
Qui tutto in torno é magia
Dentro il mondo winx
Entrare ora potrai
Segui il ritmo e poi
Tuffati nella fantasia
Batte forte il tuo cuore
Mentre sale l’energia
Sei giá in alto e vai
Limite non c’e
Perche é come te
Perche ora tu puoi
Sognare insieme a noi
(Sognare insieme a noi)


Ora che tu puoi volare
C’e un nuovo mondo da scoprire
Solo per te
Tante magiche avventure
Arriviamo fino...
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Hi!I was bored and I was thinking to make a test.Enjoy!

♥Question 1:What do you do in the moment you wake up?
a)Stays in bed;it's good to get relaxed!
b)run into cozinha to eat breakfast with your family
c)get ready to go to school

♥Question 2:You like more...?
a)to dance and draw!
b)go to the park!
c)the bonecas and the video games!

♥Question 3:Where would you like to have your holidays?
a)In beautiful places to take some cool photos!
b)wherever your friends go!
c)in an organized turistic village!

♥Question 4:Your parents buy you a puppy;what do you do?
a)quickly decide his name!
b)call your friends...
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posted by Gretsel
 Flora's plant
Flora's plant
Morning in Alfea...
(the girls(exept Stella and Flora) are sitting in the sofa when....)
Flora:Oh,no....come back!!!!!(one big plant jumps in Stella's room)
(all they run in Stella's room except stella and flora because they are already in the room)
Stella:Flora!!!!!!What is that thing which is eating my cllllooo0ooothhhheeeesss????!!!!!!!!!
Flora:Oh,I'm sorry Stella:-( i do un experiment....and i try to give to some plants the ability to talk and to think but that plant is out of control.....
Stella:(cries)oh my god!!!!my beutiful t-shirt...
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 Roxy: In her normal outfit for Season 4
Roxy: In her normal outfit for Season 4
Hello again! : ) Some were pleased on my latest artigo on Layla (Aisha) and wanted to do, yes, another! :D Hope you like this one on, (Drumroll please! ;D) Roxy! Hope you like it! ; )



Roxy is the fairy of animais and is the Princess of Tir An Og. Or mais commonly known as 'The Island of the fairies'. She is 19 years old at her first appearance and her birthday is on June 9th. Her parents are one of the parents in the series who are seen all the time in the series. We even get to learn the names of her parents: Morgana (Her mother) is Queen...
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posted by rabeetbf
Bloom is the main character from the animated series, the Winx Club She is the informal leader of the Winx Club group.    

Bloom has red hair and her daily outfit consists of a blue and yellow midriff camisa and spangled jeans. She occasionally wears a blue and white striped camisa and a jean miniskirt, but this outfit is generally only seen on special occasions.


Bloom truly cares for her friends. She's the glue that holds the group together, after the other girls bicker and argue, Bloom's the one that plays peacekeeper and smooths everything out between...
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posted by iwatchthestars
Icy: I bet you got mais insults than us!
Stella: Oh really?? Why not write down how many insults you all got on the paper and i'll do the same too
Darcy: Fine.. lets do it.
Layla: I cant believe were wasting our time on this
Musa: I know..
Icy: I think we should cheat !
Darcy: No!
Stormy: Why not?
ICy: Have you become to innocent now?
DArcy: No.. its just that im sure they'll get mais than we do! I mean.. they are 7 and we are three only
Icy: hm... good point
Stella: We are done !
Icy: Alright show it !
*WINX: 10 insults
TRIX: 23 insults*
Darcy: BUT..But.. HOW?!?!
Bloom: And we win!
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