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I’ve made a pesquisa asking of people would read it if I made this; but fanpop had a glitch which make the pesquisa didn't existed even if I’ve tried for 5 times already. I’ve recently read “The Hunger Games” and it is amazing, very well-written that I’ve gotten an idea to make Winx Club in an AU of The Hunger Games (none of the Winx will have POWERS and are all at the age of 14, and this will mainly focus on Daphne) the characters will also be effected por the following:

Katniss Everdeen: Daphne (story will be in her P.O.V)
Primrose Everdeen: Bloom
Mrs. Everdeen: queen Marion
Mr. Everdeen:...
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 What's wrong Roxy?
What's wrong Roxy?
On part 1 Roxy goes into a class, and now she has to write a 500 paged essay on the history of selkies.

Roxy lies on her cama still crying from before
How am I ever going to write an essay about something I have never seen before! Said Roxy
Hey, What's wrong Roxy? Said Aisha
Roxy turns her head and wipes her tears
I couldn't shapeshift so now I have to write a 500 paged essay in one hour, it's impossible! Said Roxy
What do you have to write the essay about? Asked Aisha
Selkies! What on earth is a selkie! Said Roxy
Aisha explains what a pixie is! Aisha didn't listen and now Roxy is going to get punished...
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Ok before i start this is the título of my fic sorry i didn't have one for part one! Enjoy!

"Wow this place is incredible" I say as i walk up to a long line of students. Time passed as i looked at Alfea and thought i'd make tons of great friends. "So what is your name girl" snapped a woman who needed a serious attitude adjustment.
"I'm Ember of Eraklyon" I say. This must be Grizelda. "Ah, here we are, Ember of Eraklyon...carry on then" she snapped again. So i take my heavy bag to a dorm. "Oh hello you must be Ember!I'm Chloe i'm from Kelp island! The...
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