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 queen Stella
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 stella waking up
stella waking up
THE seguinte DAY

bloom: stella wake up!
stella: *yawn* bloom? what's the matter?
bloom: let's go shopping!
stella: huh?
bloom: what do you mean por "huh"? you amor shopping!
stella: yeah but it's morning
bloom: so? come on let's go!
stella: ....... ok


bloom: all right now wear your outfit and meet me at the frutti música bar
stella: ok


stella: huh? where's bloom? where's everyone?
everyone: surprise! happy birthday stella!
stella: huh?!
musa: it's your birthday! remember?
stella: what? oh yeah i remember now. wow thank you guys!
flora: actually, it's not us that planned the party...
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 My amor for you will never be BROKEN !
My Love for you will never be BROKEN !
Bloom: Lets go to the biblioteca quickly !
Musa: Lets take our time Bloom,
Tecna: Yeah, why do we need to hurry?
Bloom: we have to hurry because im getting really sleepy
Layla: Yeah, lets hurry
Karel: ....
Flora: *Sleeping*...
Piff: pattota? PATOOT !
Karel: queit... little one. go back to sleep
*Piff flies away*
Karel: Good.
*Piff goes back with the other pixies and sees Karel holding Flora in his arms about to leave the window*
Tune: what do you think you are doing with Flora, mister Karel !
Karel: thats not gonna happen
Amore: he's doing it for amor <3
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oi everyone! So a user on here posted a fórum that supposedly contained information on season six and future episodes (You can check it out link). No one seemed to have commented on it, and I can't blame them; the entire thing was in Italian! But, I decided to check it out, and translate it for you all so we can enjoy the latest news on season six (Let's hope my Spanish can help me out here).

First I'll start off por introducing two new characters: Eldora and Acheron. Here's what they wrote;


"Although she presents herself as a woman who is odd and a big clumsy, in reality, Eldora, the...
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 Tecna: In her normal outfit for Season 4
Tecna: In her normal outfit for Season 4
Hi everyone! : ) I was bored and decided that I was going to write a small series of information on all of the Winx girls! You may think this may be boring but it actually isn't! (The girls surprisingly have very interesting backgrounds.) Today, I will start with information on Tecna and then Flora and so on and so forth. This was my little introduction on I hope you like it! ; )



Tecna was born on the 16th of December and is the princess of the planet Zenith (Third Vector of the Binary Galaxy in RAI English) Her parents are the king and queen...
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