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 Musa 3D Tynix
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This o clube das winx arte dos fãs might contain íris farpada, íris barbuda, iris de barbudo, buquê, corpete, posy, nosegay, corsage, ramo, iris imberbes, íris sem barba, and íris imberbe.

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 queen Tiffany
Queen Tiffany
In the last episode the Winx traveled to Fantasia to find the fairy that got to the Desairix level but find that she has been captured.

Musa: Captured? por who?
Tiffany: A powerful wizard. It was a few days ago. She was in her room reading. I heard her scream and then she was gone. All that was left was a Amethyst and on it was the name Argent.
Tecna: Argent? Isn't he like the wizard of Darkness?
Tiffany: I think so. if he has Alexa then the whole magic dimension is in danger.
Bloom: Let's go back to Alfea. Maybe one of the books have something on Argent.

The other Winx followed Bloom outside and...
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Helia’s p.o.v
We all ran outside searching for Flora or the Trix. We found the Trix first their soulless bodies hadn’t gotten far, so the girls did a spell to send them to the omega dimension for eternity. After that we all dividido, dividir up into groups. The groups were Riven, Musa, Layla, Nabu and Savannah, Brandon, Stella, Bloom and Sky, Timmy, Tecna, and Aaron, and I went por myself. We all had an ear piece that we could use to communicate with the others thanks to Tecna. The goal was to find Flora here in Shadowhaunt; I wanted her back so badly, so I started searching por following the river. As...
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Flavio: ok so, are you ready Megan?
Megan: yeah! *transform*
Flavio: now lets see your attacks...
Megan: sure, BOMB! *attacks to a wall*
Flavio: not bad, try to do it harder...
Megan: BOMB! *attacks harder*
Flavio: *the mural fell down* great job!


Jake: if you want your revenge to be good you have to attack when she doesnt know!
Rosella: for surprise!
Jake: exactly, now we have to see your power...
Rosella: sure, *transform*
Jake: you will fight will my cousin Miranda...
Miranda: *transform* lets fight!
Rosella: oh this will be funny!
Jake: remember never give up!
Rosella: sure!
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This is Video for Winx season 5