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 Layla Tynix
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This o clube das winx arte dos fãs might contain rosa, rosiness, vermelhidão, buquê, corpete, posy, nosegay, corsage, ramo, camélia, camelia, and camélia camélia.

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*Sorry I took so long. Me and my Mom's were planning for my bday. Which is TOMORROW JUNE 12th YAYYY!! heres what you've been waiting for*

~Winx and specialist~
"Ok what should we do?" Musa asked in a whisper.
"Ok heres what we think we should do. We knock out these guards, then we go and freeze those ladies that are working on Flora. Then after that we get Flora and put a amnesia spell on the ladies so they don't know what happened. Sound good?" Sky and Riven said.
Everyone nodded in agreement.
"Then let's do this." Sky said. He and Riven walked up to the two guards. (keep in mind they're still...
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Close your eyes,
And open your heart,
Believe in in yourself,
That's how it starts!

Dreams will come true,
Just wait and see,
Because the Magic's in you,
And the Magic's in me!

We are the Jinx,
We are the Jinx,
Come cadastrar-se the club!
We are the Jinx,
We are the Jinx,
We are the Jinx!
Come cadastrar-se the club!
We are the Jinx!

Elemental Powers,(Akyra)
Electrical Showers, (Ashley)
Songs on Guitars, (Lexi)
With powers of Stars, (Megan)
Burning love, with shapes of lune, (Julie)
With Light and Darkness from the Moon! (Lilly)

We've got the looks,
And we've got the flair!
Adore all you want,
Just don't touch the hair!

We are the Jinx,
We are the Jinx,
Come cadastrar-se the club!
We are the Jinx,
We are the Jinx'
We are the Jinx!
Come cadastrar-se the club!

We are the Jinx!
Question 1: What are your feelings on being chosen as this months "fan of the month"?

~ I'm really honored that I'm FOTM May! It's really good feeling. That I'm 2nd fã of the month. I'm glad that people like my posting and contributions to the spot and they've chosen me as the fã of the month.

Question 2: Who is your favorito Winx Club girl, and why?

~ My favorito winx club girl is Stella and Tecna.
Stella: I don't know why? But the minuto I saw her I fell in amor with her. She's a fashion diva just like me. She's talkative and life of the winx I don't know why some people here don't like her...
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Part 2: The Trix appears.
Bloom: Oh no! Musa where are you?
Stella: I`m sure she`s kidnapped por bad guys.
Flora: Bad guys? But i thought we don`t have bad guys to fight right now.
Tecna: Looks like we have got a mission, girls.
Layla: Yes. We got to hurry before anything bad happens to Musa.
Tecna: Wait! First of all we have to find where is she.
Bloom: That`s not a problem. Winx Believix!Winx Tracix!Show us the past!
The past: The girls were sleeping when the shadow of 3 mysterios women showed up.The first women had long ponytail hair.Next women had a cload like frizzy hair.The last women had long...
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 Twinx club logo!
Twinx club logo!
(In the park)
Lisa:So,u guys r really witches.
Liana:Not exactly,our mothers were.
Kristina:But that does not make us witches.
Sabbra:So,u think we shud introduce ourselves?
Lisa:Ok,I am Lisa.Bloom's daughter,i still don't know my history yet but i am a fogo fairy.
Sunshime:I am the sun,moon fairy,Sunshime!And i am Stella's daughter!
Rosena:I am Rosey/Rosena.My Mother is Musa and i am a nature and música fairy!
Sabbra:Nice name.
Angel;I am Angelica,i.e. Angel.Flora's daughter and the flor fairy!
Liana:I amor flowers!
Siobhan:I am Siobhan,The tecno fairy...
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