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 Flora Butterflyix
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Helia: *Running through the forest* Come on timmy, hurry up!

Timmy: *Over communicater* Helia, We're at Alfea where are you?

Helia: *Over communicater* I'm in the forest, they were gaining on us and I had to run!

Timmy: *Over communicater* Okay one segundo I'll locate you with the coridance of your commmunticater!

Helia: *over communicater* Okay Hurry!

Flora: *Begins to wake up* Where, where am I?

Helia: *Stops Running and Puts Flora on the ground* Kembal and his men came back, Timmy and the others are coming.

Flora: Oh no! Are they close?

Helia: I think we've lost Kembal and Timmy should be here any...
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 Winx Club
Winx Club
Nick English :

We're the Winx
Girl powers gonna save the day

Rising up from the Earth to sky
Ah ah ah ah
That's the way we roll (2X)

Wings are glowing as we're flying high
Ah ah
Super sparkling
everywhere we go

Cause you believe in magical ones
We came together
friends forever

We're the Winx
Girl powers gonna save the day

We're strong, bring it on
Cause we came to play
We're invincible
We're the Winx.

música por : Michele Bettali, Stefano Carara, Fabrizio Castania.
Lyrics por : Peter Zezo, Michele Bettali, Stefano Carara, Fabrizio Castania.
Performed por : Cassidy Laden, Kathyryn Rio.
 Winx forever!
Winx forever!
 "Magic Winx, Believix!"
"Magic Winx, Believix!"

Stella can't stand leaving with the Winx. They've been blaming her for everything. Even if there's no customers at the Love&Pet shop, they all blamed Stella and thought she scared them with her clothes. Stella the felt like she doesn't exist and decided to leave them. But will the Winx say?
"Guys," says Stella, who looks sad. "What? You're here to scare the customers away?" accuses Bloom. "No," respostas Stella. "Then?" "I just thought of something. Should I -- well, uh, um --- leave you guys?" asks Stella. Bloom looks worried. "Oh Stella," she says. "just because...
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Hello I'm the Winx-Critic, and I remember it so you don't have to! Well after mais than a mês or so wait (Seriously, the last one came out in the middle of December) Nick finally gives us episode six. But, thanks to multiple sources, I already have a good idea what this episode is about (Nice job keeping the leaks in check, huh?). I know this is the episode Bloom gets her Bloomix, Daphne becomes Princess of Domino (Wasn't she already the princess?) and Diaspro and the Trix try to pull some pointless shit. *sigh* Might as well get started.

*skips horrible opening* Ah that's better. I guess...
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