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SummerThunder posted on Jun 19, 2014 at 08:49PM
Idea taken from the Fairy Tail spot.

I thought it would be fun to have a forum like this on here too.

However, you shall keep in mind that you can't use spells from the show! It must be your own idea. You can create as many spells as you want.

Simply create your own Winx spell/magic by following this:

Spell Name:
Spell Type (Attack/Defense):
Spell Element (ex.; Fire, Water, Ice, Air...):
Strong Against:
Weak Against:


Spells Created:

1. Electric Beam -- SummerThunder
2. Roots and Branches -- WinxClubFan223
3. Violet Beam -- SummerThunder
4. Lightning Strike -- MissAngelPaws
5. Snow Storm -- yasmin124
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over a year ago SummerThunder said…
Here's an example:

Spell Name: Electric Beam
Spell Type: Attack
Spell Element: Lightning
Description: Fires a beam of lightning at the enemy.
Strong Against: Water
Weak Against: Metal
over a year ago WinxClubFan223 said…
Spell Name: Roots and Branches
Spell Type: Attack
Spell Element: Nature
Description: Roots grab any number of enemies by the feet and toss them, and then branches from a tree grab them and hang them in the air, either by their hands or feet. Lasts about 18 minutes before the branches let the enemies go.
Strong Against: ???
Weak Against: ???
over a year ago SummerThunder said…
Spell Name: Violet Beam
Spell Type: Attack
Spell Element: Darkness
Description: Unleashes a powerful blast of darkness at the enemy. It has 85% chance that the enemy runs away in fear, making him vulnerable to other attacks.
Strong Against: Light
Weak Against: Ice & Darkness
WinxClubFan223 commented…
We need to get some mais people playing this. :-) over a year ago
SummerThunder commented…
I agree (: over a year ago
over a year ago WinxClubFan223 said…
Spell Name: Firey Swirl
Spell Type: Attack
Spell Element: Fire
Description: Sends a swirl of fire at the enemy. It can't be dodged, as it follows the person the spell was directed at.
Weak Against: Water
Strong Against: Ice
over a year ago MissAngelPaws said…
Spell Name: Lightning Strike
Spell Type (Attack/Defense): Attack
Spell Element (ex.; Fire, Water, Ice, Air...): Lightning
Description: Sends a blast of lightning towards the enemy. Once the spell hits the person, he/she is electrified and will be knocked out.
Strong Against: Fire
Weak Against: Water
over a year ago yasmin124 said…
spell name snow storm
spell ty[pe attack
spell element ice/snow
descrpiion makes it really cold frezees the person until there fett become nothing but snow and ice the hamds start ghurt because cold snow aND you will get frost bites if your actacked by this
strong againest water
weak againet fire
over a year ago marichkadua001 said…
spell name snow flower

spell type atack

spell element ice

descripion kiling frezee and people frezee forever