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posted by pandawinx
Q1: Which winx club members parents got divorced?:
A: Musa.
B: Stella.
C: All fo above.
Q2: True or false, Roxy is the fairy of rock 'n' roll.
A: True.
B: False.
Q3: Which of the trix sisters is the youngest?:
A: Stormy.
B: Darcy.
C: Icy.
Q4: How many winx club members where there in season 3?:
A: 5.
B: 7.
C: 6.
Q5: Which winx club member was last to earn her charmix?
A: Bloom.
B: Flora.
C: Layla.
Question 1: Stella. pergunta 2: Flase. pergunta 3: Stormy. pergunta 4: 6. pergunta 5: Flora.
Now lets see the results:
O-1 perguntas correct: Your new to the world of winx, but don't worry you'll catch up soon...
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posted by fifirose

STELLA: flora are you serious i always thought it would be riven that cheats
MUSA: hey!!!!
FLORA: ok for one im not totally sure he cheated on me it could just a rumor
TECNA:dont be so illogical helia would never in a million years cheat on you
LAYLA: I dont know I never trust any of your boyfriends
BLOOM: ok you guys are getting a head of yourself or all we know we could be getting flora all riled up for nothing
FLORA: I sure hope so bloom


FLORA: ok so I just go in his dorm and ask him if he cheated on me
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posted by Flora_xx
 The specialists
The specialists
Hey here's part 9! Soz it's been ages since I last posted! Anyway last time Diana was alone against her guards, the pixies and flora and the others. But Diana still had the upper hand and she took advantage of it. Diana tried to destroy the bud but it flew to someone and that person was given the bud's energy and magic...
Amazonia's waterfall

Chatta: This is different...it's as if...

Tecna: A prophecy is happening

Brandon: An unwritten prophecy
 Unwritten prophecy
Unwritten prophecy

(The bud started to mover on it's own to something...no... someone and that person...
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Oay i thought of composição literária this when i saw princess-Flora's version. Here's mine, with different confessions. Originals are at the bottom.

1. I really agree with this one. Sky's hair looks ridiculous in season 5. Just as ridiculous as Helia's. (If not more.) I don't really care about the voice actors, i grew up watching the nick dub since they started dubbing in 2010. So... yea.

2. I honestly agree with this one alot. Not only cause of the young fãs but mais so because of the way she acted in season 4 would've been for nothing then. Turning against the winx, and what not. Roy is cool, but no.

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 The Valente and amazing fairy, Bloom
The brave and amazing fairy, Bloom
It was a lovely dia at alfea, the sky was clear, the sun was shining and the flores were in full bloom. But unfortunately it wasn't a nice dia for Bloom, as she had no one to talk to.Stella had just left for her início planet . Layla, Musa and Techna had gone to attend the special magic class they had signed up for.Flora had gone to her homeplanet and Bloom really wished Roxy was there, she didn't want the vacations to be boring. And the worst part was, the girls would only arrive after 2 days. Why did she ever decide to stay at alfea for the vacations in the first place? She could have gone...
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posted by FloraBoricua
I hope you like this chapter :)
Oh, and there was a little error I think in the anterior chapters; I used Layla instead of Aisha, my bad lol. I have changed it ;)

anterior Chapter: Flora ran away. Helia tried to find her. Flora went to Linphea to procurar for peace and o espaço while Helia had a talk with Krystal, leaving him doubting of Flora's amor for him. Flora met once again Leo in Linphea.

"Leo..." even though she knew she talked to him once at Red Fountain, the fairy was surprised to see the light skin boy with beautiful esmeralda eyes as the color of the green grama in the warm spring there....
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 The Winx Club and W.I.T.C.H.
The Winx Club and W.I.T.C.H.
oi guys,
I was just really inpatient about the segundo chapter and I also saw that many of you are too. So I wrote the segundo chapter today and yeah, here it is. Enjoy! ;)

Chapter 2 - The Pyjama Party
At Winx's Room:

*The first dia at school already finished and all the girls went back in their rooms. There was a huge storm outside but that didn't stop the Winx prepare for the party. They talked a bit, took a chuveiro and soon started preparing.*
Musa: So, when will feno Lin and the others come? I can't wait to meet them!
Flora: They should come very soon. Also, we still have...
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It was a beautiful morning, the birds were tweeting and the sun was rising. Bloom had a dream, in the dream she was being called por Daphne:
"Bloom," Daphne said, as she circled around her sister, elegantly, her wispy body only inches from the ground. "Bloom, the Trix have gotten stronger, you need to save Magix from their wrath, you must earn Bloomix!"
"But Daphne," Bloom started, even though she saw her sister disappearing. "Daphne, what is Bloomix? How do we earn it? Daphne!" Flora saw that Bloom was stirring from her slumber and tried to calm her por cantar a lullaby. It didn't work and Bloom...
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Open your eyes
open your mind
we are the Winx

if your hand is holding mine
we can fly through o espaço and time
and together we'll be sure-fire winners

with a smile you can enchant,
you light up our world
we'll fly the moonlight sky together

Open your eyes
open your mind
we are the Winx

It's a magic night
the sky is all blazing
new adventures
are calling for us
cadastrar-se the Winx

We can ride a cloud
no time for hesitating
bring colour to the world
with your imagination
Winx Club forever and ever

if your hand is holding mine
we can fly through o espaço and time
and together we'll be sure-fire winners

with a smile you can enchant,
you light up our world
we'll fly the moonlight sky together

Winx your magical
Winx among the stars you are
Winx a mystical
light of fire
under the sign of Winx
posted by dragonwinxbloom
Please read and give comment dedicated to my friends shazmeen and hamda please give comment

bloom opened her eyes but it only met the darkness her hands and legs were bound together she rememberd how she and stella went to walk and someone use thye sleeping spell behind them now only she remember was every thing went blank .
suddenly bloom saw a dark figure coming to bloom .
why have you brought me here bloom shouted
dont worry idont want to hurt you i just wanted to talk and i know it was not seguro out there said the dark figure moving closely to her
what ? bloom said with confusion she could...
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Winx Club Season 5 Episode 7
The Shimmering Shells
"The Winx obtain the gem of self-confidence; the Trix and the Tritannus' mutants attack Gardenia to spread mais pollution."

Winx Club Season 5 Episode 8
Secret Of The Ruby Reef
"A musical riddle sends the Winx to Melody, Tritannus throws a wrench into the plan; the quest for the gems continues."

Winx Club Season 5 Episode 9
"At Alfea College, Stella organizes a fashion show, but it’s not as successful as she hoped. While looking for ideas for new clothes, she is transformed into a three-year-old girl por an Age-Change item. In the depths of Zenith,...
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posted by Princess-Flora
por now everyone pretty much knows both Aurie and I do reviews, so if you haven't check out her review you can check it out link.So now here is my review, and sorry for the wait.

First off we had a mês wait because Bloomix Power and the Golden Auditorium were shown on December 15th at least then we got two episodes, but no we have to wait until January 12th for the sixth episode and who knows how long we will have to wait for episode seven. So now let's get to the actual review.

So in the first few minutos we see Diaspro talking to the Trix with Selina. Now I honestly don't like the switch...
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posted by Alifya
Cake Mix Cookies

2 large eggs
1 stick butter, room temperature
1 16-ounce bag chocolate chips
1 box of your favorito cake mix

Mix ingredients together. Drop on cookie sheet. Bake in 350F (180C) degree forno for 10-12 minutes.

Marshmallow bolacha, biscoito Surprise!
Grand Biscuits (8 count)
1/4 C or mais Melted butter
8 Large marshmallows
2 T Cinnamon sugar
Preheat forno to 375* (ask to parents)
Cut biscuits in half horizontally.
Place 1 marshmallow in the center of biscuit.

Place topo, início half of bolacha, biscoito on topo, início and gently press together to seal. Brush topo, início of bolacha, biscoito with melted butter.Sprinkle with cinnamon sugar.Bake 12-15...
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posted by FloraBoricua
Previous Chapter:Helia and Karel had a discussion for Flora. After the guys leaved her alone as she wanted, she goes all sad for what happened. Flora goes to the Magical Garden where Layla, Chatta, Rose and Rosella are. Layla gets to know why the Magical Garden is so special for Linphea. After hours Layla and leaves Linphea. Flora has a talk to Rosella,her mother, about what happened with the guys. Flora now wants to concentrate on the werewolf that has being attacking the villagers.

Decisions, decisions.....

Flora knew she had to find a solution to her problems. The fairy of nature kept thinking...
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i know i already did my topo, início 5 but i need to do my topo, início 10 because i forget Aisha and Bloom and Tecna

10 Diaspro even though some people dislike her she is really pretty i amor her fairy outfit and her outfit in season 3 for skys party its was so pretty and i amor her power gemstones i amor gemstones

9 Aurora shes sooo pretty i amor her outfit and her wings shes really pretty and i amor her power ice i seem to amor snow/ice its sooo pretty i remember on a cold dia it was so cold that it snowed and it was soooo pretty

8 Tecna i amor her rosa, -de-rosa hair and she is unique because she is the only winx...
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posted by Princess-Flora
After a few weeks of no Winx Club, I was ecstatic for it being on today. But within the first few minutos my coração broke for Flora when she cried and said "I think Helia wants to be with Krystal", her and Helia had the sweetest relationship on the show and now both are starting to think it might be over for what has happened; but I amor Krystal for admitting that she might have messed things up. But Krystal in my eyes didn't, Helia did he cheered for Krystal in the tournament and not for his own girlfriend, dude it's your fault if your relationship is over. Also the show says Flora's best friend...
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posted by Avater13
 Winx Club and The Specialists
Winx Club and The Specialists
The Specialists stayed at Alfea to prank the Winx. Let's just say that this prank can be a little to funny for the guys to ignore. He He He!

"Hey, it is time to prank the girls.", Sky whispered as he try to wake up Brandon. He woke up and spread the news. It was dawn, yet the girls weren't awake yet. Everyone woke up very groggily, but was excited to do the prank.
"Let's check out their bathtub.", said Brandon as the others agree. It was a normal bathtub with a shiny white coat. The others smirked as Riven hold up Stella's body wash.
"Time to slip the slippery!", whispered Riven as he gave...
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posted by LoveBloom
Note: I made them very smart in this chapter as bebês but when they are around the adults they act like little babies. And also the words in these [ ] is Bloom telling the story or Bloom's thoughts

[Hi there my name is Bloom Sparks and I'm one ano today because It's my birthday today]

"Mommy mommy, Bloom is up!" Daphne said jumping up and down [Thats Daphne she is my big sister. she is umm... oh she is six years old]

"Thank you for telling me Daphne,we are late already ."Mariam said. [that's my mommy]

"Hello Bloom are you ready for your party?" Mariam said.

"Yes moma" Bloom replied
"I thought you...
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The fairy students come to college here to learn how to cast spells, create encantada auras and make magical potions!

Potionology, metamorphosimbiosis, magiphilosophy and good manners...are among the complex subjects taught in the college por very skilled, strict and demanding teachers! Thanks to these lessons, the aspiring teenage fadas learn how to use and improve their powers in order to fight against evil in the name of equality, brotherhood and justice! The Alfea students live within the college itself, which has an enormous, well stocked library, classrooms, and a Magical Archive where the most important secrets of Magix are kept!
That saturday in Gardina was raining like tears from the sky. Roxy strutted out of the funeral with her arms crossed, the funeral was set in amor 'n' pet and Amore, Ginger and the others were invited. Everyone but Roxy was very emotional and serious about the event, except for Roxy, who simply held her nose high in the air and yawned through the ceromony, Which upset everyone very noticibally, but the animal fairy gave no apology.

She stomped fast out of the amor and pet store, away from the winx with a frown creased upon her face. She looked like a angelically white cloud, beautiful but raining...
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